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This name is pronounced nah-tah-nah-el in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
You have the vowels on the Hebrew mistaken. As you wrote it, it would be NatanAl, instead of NatanEl (Sorry I can't show you as I don't have the Hebrew vowels on this computer).
tcm  4/5/2006
This isn't the most common spelling of this name but I like the biblical reference to it.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
I really love this name, and it's one of the names I know I want to give to my son. Also, I like this so much better than Nathaniel. I don't know why, but the "i" really bothers me.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2007
Famous bearer - Nathanael Greene, a major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. Greene was one of Washington's most trusted generals.
laura617  8/3/2007
Also sometimes pronounced nah-THAN-ay-el.
Working Class Hero  5/27/2008
Nathanael has been my favorite boy's name for the last 15 years. I love the meaning "Gift of God."
RooRoo  9/5/2008
The Greek form of Nathanael is ναθαναηλ.
Deborah Reyes  12/17/2008
I plan on, if I ever have a son, naming him this. I think it's strong biblical, and Nathan makes a nice nickname. It's very masculine but works for a child. PERFECT!
becca_marciano  3/6/2009
Nathanael West was a sardonic American author best known for his short novels Miss Lonelyhearts (which you should read) and The Day of the Locust.
lastonomast  11/27/2009
Hmm, I never knew of this spelling before. I prefer it being spelled "Nathaniel" though. Oh well, I still love this name. =D.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
I love this name. Because of the meaning, God has given or the gift of God. In my Bible language is "Natanael".
ghforkuo  10/19/2015
Hebrew names with the same meaning include Netanyahu and Yonatan. In modern Hebrew, the "th" sound is usually pronounced "t". Some Aramaic dialects continue to use "th".
gracesingh  11/8/2015
I think Nathaniel is a better spelling.
Luvbug86  7/3/2017
A very handsome, powerful name. I think the nickname Nate ruins the strong, handsome Nathanael though. In my opinion, I prefer Nathanael to Nathanial because Nathanael looks more natural to me and more strong.
sunflower18  3/30/2018

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