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This name is so cool! It's so short, short and simple but amazing. If you have a new baby I recommend this name.
Neo coyle  2/25/2016
Neo has been in the Swedish top 100 since 2003. It was the 57th most popular name in 2009.
Beautiful Victory  3/15/2010
Ugly. Sounds like something that cult members would name their son, and it unfortunately makes me think of those awful Matrix movies.
bananarama  10/10/2009
I've loved this name ever since I saw the Matrix when I was 10. It's short and simple, and sounds cool and sexy in a masculine way (probably because of Keanu Reeves). Aside from being the word for new, it reminds me of neon colours and cyberpunk. I'm surprised (and lucky) that it isn't popular, when "cool" names like Xavier and Enzo are. This is probably attributed to Neo-nazism, which is basically bigotry and football hooliganism; not things I'd ever want to associate with. But still, Neo is a very cool, modern-sounding name, without being trashy or overused.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2009
A famous bearer of this name is the main character's hacker name in the blockbuster Matrix movies.
Vaeltaa  3/22/2005
Neo is an anagram of "one". This is the reason for Neo in the Matrix being the One.
Doris  4/16/2005

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