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Nico (female) was one of the singers in the Velvet Underground.
-- dani_08  3/5/2006
Actress Thandie Newton (M:I-2) has a _daughter_ called Nico.
-- mcqueen  7/8/2006
Guy Berryman, bassist from the greatest band in the world, COLDPLAY, named his daughter Nico.
-- FyreHydenGirth  12/17/2006
Nico was the name of a whale shark that died at the Georgia Aquarium.
-- Anonymous User  6/22/2007
Nico Rosberg is an Formula 1 driver from Germany.
-- jordann  4/25/2009
NicoNicoDouga is a Japanese website similar to Youtube, centered around songs.
-- Anonymous User  9/25/2009
Name of a character in the "Percy Jackson" series. He first appears in book three.
-- patchworkgirl  2/27/2010
Nico Petit is the name of the French criminal who takes on the guise of the Phantom Thief in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice.
-- Anonymous User  1/26/2013
Nico Hulkenberg, another Formula 1 driver from Germany.
-- Anonymous User  6/27/2013
Nico Mirallegro, an English actor.
-- lightfromadeadstar  4/14/2014
Nico Liersch is a German teen actor best known for his portrayal of Rudy Steiner in the movie adaption of "The Book Thief."
-- hkols  11/2/2014
Nico Robin from 'One Piece' is a fictional bearer of this name. This Nico is female.
-- Anonymous User  8/28/2015
Nico Yazawa is a (female) school idol from the anime/game Love Live! Her catchphrase is "Nico Nico ni!~ It should also be noted that Nico means "smile" in Japanese.
-- goldentimelover  6/11/2016
Nico from Percy Jackson.
-- Joanah Johnson  6/19/2017

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