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While I'm fully aware of how it's actually pronounced, I'm still tempted to say "NIM-yoo". Maybe as a nickname or something.
mememan28  12/14/2017
Very lyrical and soft. It reminds me of Sophie because it has a sweet sound and reminds me of a posh girl. But it can be on different types of girls and I feel it has potential. I love Arthurian names such as, well obviously Arthur, this one, and Guinevere. They are interesting names and ultimately names like Sophia and Emma at one point before the 90s or 80s were considered old lady names and unusable. Just imagine a sweet baby girl with this name and it won't feel odd or etc.
QuinnBethany  4/8/2017
Nimue Smit (1992-) is a Dutch model.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2011
I've also heard Nimue pronounced NIM-way.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2009
It can also be spelt Nimueh.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2009
This was one of my cats' names. I adore it. The name Nimue evokes a sense of innocence for me. While I'd love to see it used, I'm not sure if it would age well. It's a very child-like sounding name in my opinion.
NiamhWitch  1/29/2009
There is just something very magical about this name: seductive. Yet also innocent.
erb816  5/1/2008
I've only very recently come to enjoy the name after seeing "Nim's Island" and being reminded of the beautiful sounding Nimue. Such a soft and whimsical little gem that I am fast falling in love with!
Zena  4/14/2008
It is thought to be related to the Greek word "Mneme" which means 'memory'.
Luanna  1/29/2008
Some pronounce it, nee-moo, which I think is not so pretty and too close to Nemo, but the pronunciation, nih-moo-way is sweet. I like the combination Elora Nimue -- VERY magical!
leananshae  1/4/2008
There is more out there in bardic legend about Nimue and her time spent with Merlin. As I recall, she meets Merlin when she is only a girl when he is visiting her father's castle and she becomes enthralled with the much older man based mostly on the magical training he can offer her. After years of begging him, she convinces him to take her on as a student and despite himself, Merlin, over time begins to fall in love with her. She sees her power over him and decides to use it to seduce him into giving her the last secret he has refused to share up to that point to give her. I can't remember what the actually secret was. But anyway, she puts him in some kind of trance while they're laying in the forest together and causes him to tell her. After that, she abandons him and goes off to use her magical skills for personal gain and power over men. Supposedly, she is the only woman Merlin ever loves and even though she turns to less than moral pursuits, he never stops loving her.

Nimue is a little-known character in Arthurian legend but she personifies the seductress, a parallel archetype to Delilah in the Bible.
leananshae  1/4/2008
So pretty!
Jasmine  3/6/2007
I think that Nimue is a beautiful name, I liked the name so much that I gave it to my daughter.
mom of nim  2/15/2007
I love this name! It's so beautiful. The sound of it is so gentle and soft and it simply just flows off the tongue. Just lovely.
childdoll  9/12/2006
I love this name's mythical, medieval quality. It's rare and beautiful, like most Arthurian names.
tmarie  3/12/2006
It may be related to the goddess Nemetona/Niniane/Nemain, the Celtic goddess of the sacred grove and protector of sacred places and forests.
Annalee  7/24/2005

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