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My personal impresion about the name NOEMI is really good because my name is NOEMI and everybody likes my name. I know that in the world there are a few Noemi's and nowdays this name is not so popular as before. My advice to all Noemi's in the world is that we can be all happy because our name is the most beautiful I have ever heard.
Jaxaup  5/13/2005
In French it is pronounced no-eh-mi. In Spanish and Italian it is pronounced no-ey-mi.
Rosethorn08  2/25/2006
My sister is named Noemi, pronounced, No-eh-mee. She is 18 and her name is very unique where we live. She is the only one we have ever met in person. We nicknamed her Nomi. Our mother always pronounces it.
Guadalupe78  7/17/2006
Petr Muk and his wife have daughter Noemi Muková (2006).
Maggie_Simpson  10/2/2006
I think that Noemi is a very pretty name but isn't it used in Italian, Spanish, AND Portuguese? I was just wondering.
hahaha  11/13/2006
Pronounced as "Naw-a-mee" (short -ee-).
Karcoolka  6/20/2007
Noemi is also the Czech and Slovak form.
Karcoolka  7/29/2007
Pronounced NAW-e-mi (in Czech).
HanaB  10/18/2007
One of my favourite names. Not so common in the Czech Republic (and probably anywhere), but quite frequently used among Czech protestants, I believe - it's sort of a typical Czech protestant name. (Which doesn't mean common, just typical.)
HanaB  10/18/2007
Personally, the spelling of this name is dumb. It should be "Noami", or if the name is Naomi, with the A and O switched, and the parents are too dumb to know the difference, it should be spelled "Naomi".
Penneyperson  11/13/2007
Well, bringing names into foreign nations often changes them for a reason. I don't know why has it turned into Noemi in Czech either, but I like this version a lot.
HanaB  2/4/2008
A famous bearer is Noemi Kebede, singer of the R´n´B band Navigators.
Karcoolka  2/1/2008
Noemi is rather fashionable in Italy today. It ranks 23rd of the most popular names in 2004, 26th in 2006.
presentperfect  12/19/2008
The Italian pronunciation is naw-EH-mee. [noted -ed]
presentperfect  12/19/2008
I know a girl named Noemi. It is a unique and rare name in Croatia. I like it.
enchy  8/10/2009
Come on people, this is not a Czech name. A couple of French weirdos naming their baby Yubuti-cuchuliuti doesn't make Yubuti-cuchuliuti a French name. (Just an example, no offence intended. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental :))
that one  11/10/2009
It's the Czech version of the name. "Official", used in the ecumenical translation of the Bible and listed in that handbook by Miroslava Knappová, Jak se bude jmenovat, as a name that was allowed for use during communism (with the variant "Noema" - now that's a name I haven't seen in use yet. I do know a Noemi personally, and I do know of several other Noemis.)
Jan's not a Czech name either (originating in Hebrew, just like Noemi), yet it's one of the most commonly used ones in the Czech Republic. Just because this one isn't doesn't mean it's not rooted in the language. Look at the comments that claim it should be spelled differently. That proves it's a version of the original name that evolved over time into something specific for the areas where it's in use.
HanaB  3/9/2010
Forgive me for repeating myself, but this is SO not a Czech name it's ridiculous.

Definitely not of Czech origin (which I hope is obvious) and it's only borne by 490 residents of the Czech Republic, therefore less frequent than "curiosity" names such as Jessica or Jelena. I do wonder where did you get the idea that it was a Czech name in the first place?

To HanaB - From that point of view, EVERY name in the world would be a Czech name (and a Finnish name, and a Chinese name, and an Egyptian name...). Jan is the Czech form of an originally Hebrew name. It's been one of the most frequently used names in the Czech lands for centuries. These two facts combined are what makes Jan a Czech name, as opposed to Noemi. Makes sense, doesn't it?
that one  12/31/2014
'Noemi' is a Biblical character. When she lost her husband and her sons, she changed her name to 'Mara' (from the Hebraic 'Marah' meaning 'unhappy, sad', opposed to 'Noemi' which means 'joy, happiness').

I'm Italian and here in Italy this name is given often, so it's not so rare hearing of some girl named Noemi.

The English pronunciation of Noemi should be: No-ae-me (or No-eh-me)

I don't know famous people bearing this name, but I love it (also because it's my name!), it reminds me of happiness but determination. I don't know, but I like it. >o
_Noemi_  11/12/2009
Oh, by the way, my mom sometimes calls me 'Emi' (Pronounced: Eh-me I think lol), one of my friends used to call me 'Nomy'/'Nomi' (Both pronounced: Noh-me). But now almost everybody calls me 'Nemy', which I think it's a sort of 'English-ed' version of my name. ^^ Sometimes I'd like to remember them what my real name is!
_Noemi_  11/12/2009
Noemi is the Italian form of (possibly) Hebrew No'omiy, meaning, "My Delight, My Pleasantness."
Francesca  12/1/2010
Nice. I prefer Naomi though. But then, I'm not Polish, or Slovak, or Czech, or whatever else it said. :P
Joy12  5/14/2011
According to, Noemi sounds like "No-amy"

Not a huge fan. Plus it reminds me a lot of "Naomi" which I never cared for. (Similar in look).
― Anonymous User  9/18/2015
Personally I like the name even though sometimes I'll say my name is not Noemi, but I know it's a biblical name from the book of Ruth. People have called me Naomi, Wyomy, Nomi and my most recent... it has even been spelled "NOHEMI"and I think that's pretty but I like to correct people's pronunciation----it's NO-E-MI (longe) simple, unique and famous. I say famous because you'll find it in the oldest book of all times "THE BIBLE"
Noemi Gomez  2/21/2016
When I first saw this name in print, I confused it with the name Naomi. When I realized the difference between these two names, I began to like the name Noemi. It is pretty, but not very common.
1836732  6/30/2016
It is also used in Greece, written (Νωεμη) in Greek and modern form of Noemin.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/31/2017
The name Noemi was given to 360 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Noemi are female.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
I named my daughter Noemy and I pronounce it No-emmy and we are Spanish. Many people pronounce it na-o-mi.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2018

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