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The name Noga, more correctly pronounced and written as Nogah already appears in the bible, in the book of Chronicles (in the Old Testament) as a man's name. It is in fact a masculine noun (Hebrew does not have a neutrum gender, even for inanimate objects), and even today there are some guys who's name is Nogah (though very rare for men), so in the bible it is recorded only as a man's name, whereas today you may find it almost exclusively as a women's name, but also very rarely as a men's name.
redrock  12/20/2004
Nogah means brightness, not bright, since this is a noun, and not an adjective.
redrock  12/20/2004
If my memory doesn't mislead me, Noga also has a Slavic interpretation - it means "foot" in Russian and Old Church Slavonic (correct me if I'm wrong), but I don't think it is used as a private name in Russian or any other Slavonic language, nor as a Jewish-Russian name (it would probably be awkward to call anyone "foot").
redrock  12/20/2004
Noga=Nogah. The h in this word is pronounceable in ancient Hebrew, since it is dotted - it has a dot in it, called "mappiq". The Hebrew letter "he" (equals "h") is usually mute in the end of words, unless it is dotted or vocalised. Here it is dotted because it is part of the semitic trilateral root of the word: ngh. It means "brightness", not "bright", since it is a noun and not an adjective, and it is also the name of the planet Venus. It is a masculine noun, and is already found in the bible as a man's name: in the first Book of Chronicles (in the Old Testament), chapter three, verse seven. In modern Hebrew it is used primarily for women, because it was mistaken as a feminine noun because of mispronunciation, and the loss of (phonetic) distinction: most people fail to pronounce the "h" in the end of the word, and don't distnguish between pattah and qamats. So they don't realise that the word is vocalised with a pattah and not a qamats. But nevertheless, there are some guys whose name is Nogah. For example prof. Nogah Allon of mathematics and computer science from the University of Tel-Aviv. Another one (also a guy) is one big director, or maybe a general-director in one of the cable companies. So to sum up, it is also a man's name (even in modern Hebrew, but rarely) and already found in the Bible.
redrock  1/6/2005
This is my name - simplified meanings are "Splendor", "Starlight", or "Aura". A world-renowned Hebrew teacher who named his daughter Noga translated the name as a "Bright Light from Heaven." The word Noga is also the Hebrew word for the planet Venus, and the name connotes a star. In the New Testament, the word Noga is used for the bright light which appears to Paul on the road to Damascus.
Noga  9/20/2005
Noga means in almost all Slavic languages "a leg". So for me this name sounds a bit silly.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2006
Pronounced noh-gah.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
I like this name. It is not my given name, but it is a pseudonym I use. It is unusual and pretty in a simple way.
noganoganoga  9/17/2006
It sound nice, but I wouldn't use it because it means "a leg" in Croatian, Serbian and other Slavic languages. The spelling I prefer is Nogah.
enchy  6/21/2011
A famous bearer of Noga (as a surname anyway) is Slovak actor Miroslav Noga.
Meg_Simpson  7/24/2011

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