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Pronounced NOL-when.
Nola  3/4/2008
It actually looks and sounds rather Welsh to me.
Pippin  5/5/2008
Nolwenn Leroy is a famous bearer of the name "Nolwenn."
humancarbine  8/28/2008
This name has a total Sorceress Morgana feel to it. It's just so Medieval and Magical. I think Morwenna and Nolwenn (similar-sounding and starting with consecutive letters in the alphabet) would make great twin names.
erb816  5/29/2010
This is a beautiful name! Rolls off your tongue gorgeously!
thezenithofnadir  12/22/2016
It actually means 'white lamb' in Breton.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2016
I love this name so much that I called my daughter Nolwenn. We sometimes shorten it to Nolly.
I think it's magical, pretty and unusual all at once and she loves it.
breton-fanatic  1/22/2017
Sounds masculine to me \:
― Anonymous User  1/22/2017

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