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I remember the actress Nyree Dawn Porter (The Forsythe Saga) from TV. She was born in New Zealand but moved later to Britain.
Ylva  10/20/2006
The correct pronunciation of the Maori Ngaire is NGAI-reh and so Nyree is an abomination. Nyree should not exist.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2006
So what if it's not pronounced "correctly"? I think it's a beautiful name, and to call it an abomination is ridiculous. Many names (in fact, most) are derivatives or alternate versions of other, older names! You sure don't see many Shoshannahs around, but plenty of Susans. I think it's simple, sweet, suitable for a woman of any age and awfully fun to say. A lovely invention.
vindemiatrix  11/26/2007
Yes, let's trash lovely Maori names shall we? Nyree may be the "anglicized" version but it sure is ugly.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2008
I can actually sympathize with the anonymous poster, since we've got people butchering Native American names like Cheyenne and Shawnee by spelling them Cheyanne and Shannie. Oy!
erb816  7/25/2009
Nyree Roberts is an American professional women's basketball player.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2012
Nyree's origin and original form's pronunciation aside, I think that, as strange as it is coming from my mouth, I find it somehow endearing, bizarre, and perhaps even (wonderfully) rough and slightly boyish. I like Nyree, I like the sound of it, but I am not too fond of it's spelling (though I admit that I can't think of a better written form... Nyry, Nyrie, Niry, etc... none are spectacularly better than another). That said, I would not personally put it to use on a human child.
Francesca  7/30/2013
In New Zealand English the Maori spelling and pronunciation of 'Ngaire' is the only one used. To say 'Nyree' is an "anglicized form of Ngaire" could be considered racist. It's my opinion that if you think your culture won't be able to cope with how a 'weird' foreign name is spelt, don't give your child that name.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2014
I think the anonymous user(s?) and erb816 are both/all being extremely childish. "Bastardizations" of names (and words) have been occurring throughout recorded history and before. That's why we speak different languages. Would anyone suggest that we abandon a "bastardization" like "John" and go back to the Hebrew "Yochanan"? Not that there's anything wrong with using that name. New versions of names do not destroy the old. They add to them. Anyone who wants to use the older versions is perfectly free to do so.
Kosta  6/12/2015
Isn't the point of this forum to advise of the meaning and origin behind a name, not to insult the spelling whether it has been anglicized or not. As a NYREE I am insulted by the comments made by a select few.
For people wanting to know the meaning of Ngaire depending on the website means Silver Fern or Flax.
An Insulted Nyree  11/9/2015
I am a Nyree & I like my name. Few people have it. I've received nothing but compliments for it all my life.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2016

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