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In mythology, Nyx is the mother of day (from night comes day), sleep, dreams, the Fates and the Furies, and the goddess Nemesis, among others. She is sometimes said to be the mother of Charon, the ferry-man for the souls crossing Acheron.
-- jc  7/24/2006
I think this is a cool name, but a child with this name might get made fun of.
-- zev  9/9/2006
I love the feeling of mystery in this name, that's why I'm using it in a story where 5 girls discover they have special powers. I wouldn't name a child this name, though, because of all the funny looks and reactions to the name the child might get.
-- smurphul  9/3/2007
I assume this is pronounced ''NIKS''. It sounds just like the slang word for 'nothing' in German, 'nix'. Also, the name would surely lead to nixing jokes. It sounds ugly to me.
-- slight night shiver  5/1/2008
In Greek Mythology, the goddess Nyx was the only person Zeus ever feared.
-- rory  6/21/2008
It's a cool name, then again I'm a sucker for names that have x's in them.
-- magicalhannah7  3/1/2009
The sound vaguely reminds me of shaving nicks. Not good.
-- emmiix3  3/19/2009
Though most of you seem to think it would be an ugly name for a child, or that said child would be made fun of, I think you're wrong. Personally, I think it's a beautiful name that gives you a sense of mystery. As for being made fun of, everyone gets made fun of for their name at some point, or at least most do. Also, it has an interesting origin in Greek mythology. It's fascinating to have a name with a background to it.
-- Adachi Kyou  3/26/2009
I used to love this name, but now the House of Night Series has kind of ruined it for me. Can't stand the writing in those books.

But I think the meaning's really cool! And I guess I still love it!
-- VampireTears  5/10/2009
A perfect nickname for Phoenix!
-- xDante  7/30/2009
Well, this is what I think of the name, it sounds kind of cool and since it's a Greek name it kind of reminds me of this book series called Percy Jackson and the Olympianas. Even though they use Roman names they talk about Gods in this book.
-- Namika  10/15/2009
I love this name, I named one of my twin daughters this and she's now 13 and loves her name.
-- mommaof5  9/7/2013

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