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The name is borne by Mexican actress and human rights activist Ofelia Medina (b. 1950).
Caprice  7/30/2005
This is the name of the lead character in the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" (El Laberinto del Fauno).
SSF  1/20/2007
I started liking this name almost immediately after seeing Pan's Labyrinth.
nothingshortoftragic  3/24/2007
Ofelia is also the Italian form of Ophelia, and not only Spanish. [noted -ed]
dori89  5/17/2007
I prefer this spelling to Ophelia, it seems softer. :)
veggiedoll  6/11/2007
Ofelia is also the Czech form.
Name Day: 13th May (Czech).
Janika  7/13/2007
Gorgeous name! This is apparently quite a popular name in the Latin Americas, as my mother recalls running into more than one girl named Ofelia when she worked at a Passport Office, and all of them tended to be from South America.
patchworkgirl  8/30/2007
I prefer Ophelia, although I do like Pan's Labyrinth.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2008
After seeing Pan's Labyrinth, I totally fell in love with this name!
Paris44  8/26/2008
I like the pronunciation- oh-FEL-ee-uh- much better than oh-FEE-lee-uh, as in Ophelia.
SimoneKadele  4/5/2015
Ofelia is a wonderful and poetic name. Although Ophelia has a more elegant writing, I prefer Ofelia's variation. I think Ofelia has a better sound to the ears.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2017

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