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This is a name given to special children. Parents at the time of birth of this child may be rich or sometimes poor, they give this name believing the presence of the child will bring prosperity and wealth. I happen to bear this name.
horlah  1/31/2005
In the Yoruba language of Nigeria, 'ola' means 'wealth', 'de' means 'arrived' and 'mi' means 'mine'. This name can be interpreted as 'my wealth has arrived'.
horlah  1/31/2005
The correct meaning of the name in the Yoruba sense of the word is "MY WEALTH HAS COME" or "MY WEALTH IS HERE". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  6/11/2011
This name is also a male name, though more masculine than feminine. The only famous bearers I come across are male. Though on Facebook there are females with this name, (https://www.facebook.com/public?query=Olamide&init=ffs&nomc=0). [noted -ed]
cutenose  5/25/2016
Males do bear Olamide too. The name is both masculine and feminine. [noted -ed]
MICOLAF  6/15/2016

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