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Famous bearers Ondřej Brzobohatý - Czech musician and actor
Maggie_Simpson  7/24/2006
Famous bearers:
Composer/Actor Ondřej Brousek, 28 March 1981, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
House DJ Tvyks´s real name is Ondrej Ričica.
Actor Ondřej Sokol, 16 October 1971, Šumperk, Czechoslovakia.
Actor/Singer Ondřej Havelka, 10 October 1954, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
Actor Ondřej Pavelka, 10 September 1955, Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia.
Director Ondřej Kepka, 28 September 1969, Czechoslovakia.
Actor Ladislav Ondřej, 24 July 1991, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
Actor Ondřej Vetchý, 16 May 1962, Jihlava, Czechoslovakia.
Composer Ondřej Soukup, 2 May 1951, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
Director Ondřej Trojan, 31 December 1959, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
Maggie_Simpson  12/19/2007
Indian moderator Ondřej Giňa, born 22th February 1971 in Rokycany.
Emilie007  9/9/2008
Ranger Ondřej is a fictional character from the fairy-tale "O medvědu Ondřejovi" (1959). He was played by Jiří Papež.
Emilie007  12/14/2008
Ondřej Pavelec (born August 31, 1987) is a Czech professional hockey goalie, who currently plays for the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League (NHL).
sambchop  7/19/2012

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