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NO! If you love your daughter and want to protect her well-being, DO NOT GIVE HER THIS NAME! Think of the jeers, and teenage boys would take this as a challenge.
gaelruadh19  1/9/2007
I can see this name being scrawled all over the boys bathroom. Parents: Step away from the name!
― Anonymous User  3/25/2007
I much prefer the original Aurélie to this variant.
scholasticastewart  7/20/2008
I don't quite understand the hesitation shown towards this name expressed in earlier comments. My great grandmother was named Oralie, and she was a wonderful, lively, brave, and strong woman that lived to be 104. I've always liked this name, and I think I'll always have a very positive impression of it. For some reason it has always reminded be of birds and gold. It has great euphony.
khadri  4/9/2009
No offense, khadri, but you must be the only one. 99% of speakers of any Indo-European language see “oral”, and their minds go straight to the gutter. Name your daughter this, and she's guaranteed a lifetime of merciless and embarrassing teasing. Pretty much equals naming a son Dick, and at the very least makes growing up extra tough.
that one  4/9/2011
It would be beautiful if it didn't sound like "orally", and the word "oral" is understood in many languages. I think you should go for Auralie or Aurelie instead.
Caprice  2/28/2010

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