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"Oriana" was also a poetic title for Queen Elizabeth I, used in madrigal texts praising her power and beauty.
Elly747  2/12/2005
I have researched this name as being Old World Gaelic meaning 'Golden Dawn' and not just 'gold'. That's why we named our last daughter this, because of that meaning. *smile*
goddess13  7/5/2005
This name is very pretty, but two girls who have this name ruined it.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2006
Oriana is the blending of the word 'Or' (meaning gold) and the name 'Ana'.
echo_of_the_past  7/5/2006
Oriana is primarily a female given name, widespread, even if not very common, in European languages. Its etymological origins are probably mixed. On the one hand there seems to be the Celtic Irish meaning of Blond or Golden, on the other hand there is the Latin meaning of Rising (as in Sunrise; see a similar word root in Orient). There seems to be a connection between these two origins, given that the root Ori may be an Indo-European root referring to the rising or colour of the Sun. Things get even more complicated as in the languages of the Iberian peninsula, namely Spanish and Portuguese, there is the medieval Oroana or Ouroana, from Oro or Ouro meaning Gold, whose origin is the Latin Aurum, and whose root, Aur, may be related to Ori. Variants include Orianna, Oriane or Orianne. Sometimes Orian or Dorian may be a male given name or a Family name, as in the case of Orian, Orians, Dorian or Doria.
The Ogre  7/12/2006
*Queen Elizabeth I of England, known as Oriana, probably from Gloriana (from Glory) or even Floriana (from Flower).
*Oriana Fallaci, Italian journalist , author, political interviewer and former partisan during World War II.
The Ogre  7/12/2006
Oriana is associated with the following:
*Fictional characters
**Oriana, heiress to the throne of Great Britain and beloved of Amadis de Gaula, in the 16th century Spanish knight-errantry romance of Portuguese origin of the same name by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo.
**The Fairy Oriana, main character of the children's book A Fada Oriana, by Portuguese writer Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.
**Oriane de Guermantes (Duchesse de Guermantes), character in the semiautobiographical novel in seven volumes written by Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time.
**HMS Oriana.
**SS Oriana (1959).
**MV Oriana (1995).
**Oriana, a 1985 movie by Venezuelan Film director Fina Torres, also known in the United States by its video title Oriane.
**Oriane Ou la Cinquième Couleur, a 2002 novel by French author Paul-Loup Sulitzer.
**Orianna, the world where the role-play takes place in the roleplaying-game Fabula created by Tomas H.V.Mørkrid from Norway.
**Orianna, a neighborhood of the city of Marquette, United States.
**The Triumphs of Oriana, book published in 1601 by Renaissance composer Thomas Morley in honour of Queen Elizabeth I of England.
**Oriana, a doll of the Bratz Girlz dolls' collection.
**Oriana, a play by 19th century English Playwright James Albery.
**Oriana a music by Al Di Meola (album Kiss My Axe - 1988), named after one of his daughthers.
The Ogre  7/12/2006
It's too much like Arianna to me.
xKatiex  9/24/2006
I like the sound of this name, but if I ever used it, I'd have the spelling Oreana.
Skye x  2/5/2007
Rather different but I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I've never crossed this name before either.
Missy  2/14/2007
Well I'm not sure if this counts but a famous bearer is the British cruise ship "Oriana".
gulie55  2/19/2007
I met a young Spanish woman named Oriana. I think it's a pretty alternative to Ariana. I don't know which one I like better.
Zinha  9/13/2007
My middle name is Oriana, and I was told it is Japanese. I love the name, it's very elegant and pretty. It reminds me of a flower, I do not know why.
RayleighOriana  10/21/2007
Oriana was the princess in the children's movie Felix the Cat.
snailrevolution  4/8/2008
Internationally famous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006) brought this lovely name to public attention.
Jonquil  5/5/2009
Oriana is the friend of Arthur Dennison in the Dinotopia book series.
Tarragon  9/23/2009
Pretty, it makes me think of tea for some weird reason.
italiannames  1/28/2010
Used in the video game Mass Effect 2 as character Miranda Lawson's younger sister.
glassmidnight  1/31/2010
Love this name because it's mine. Named after my mother who is Oliana which is Samoan.
orianahesp  4/14/2010
This name gives a mysteriously beautiful and femininely powerful feeling to the bearers. "Ori" reminds me of "aura", "aurora borealis", "gold". And "ana" is very feminine. This name also gives me an impression that it's a girl from the east, like "orient". Definitely a name for a sophisticated, intelligent and stunning woman.
Purrsian  4/28/2010
Quite nice, and very rare. :)
walesgal92  8/24/2010
Italian pronunciation:


On occasions, it may also be spoken: Ooh-REE-Ahn-Ah

"O" as in "Oh, Be Quiet!" (or "Ooh, That's Spectacular!" depending which pronunciation you prefer). Roll your "R." Stress "I" to "EE." "A" is always as in "Father." Do not linger too long on "Ana," a simple "Ahn-ah" should operate efficiently. [noted -ed]
Francesca  12/22/2010
"Then sang the nymphs and shepherds of Diana:
'Long live fair Oriana!'"

Queen Elizabeth I is not my favourite historical character, but I love 'The Triumphs of Orianna' :3.
Philidel  7/5/2014
This is a truly beautiful name, my eldest daughter has this name. I love it because it is unusual and elegant, much softer than Arianna which I think sounds hard. I love the fact that I know no one else who has the name.
simone1  9/28/2014
I grew up not liking my name because people couldn't pronounce it properly, I would get Orino, Orina and the kids made fun of me. As I got older I began to fall in love with it and I live the meaning of my name. I was named after the great journalist Oriana. My mother read all her books back in the 70's and decided that was the name she saw fit. She picked well, I couldn't imagine going by any other name. I love it! So much so I named my youngest Brianna to match my name. ♡♥.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2015
My name is Oriana, and although it is very common in Venezuela (my country of birth), where I currently live (the U. S) it is extremely rare and have never found anyone named like this. People often confuse my name with "Ariana" because of the similar sound, and because it is more common. A very common nickname I get is "Oreo" yes, like the cookies, this is fine as I think it is a cool nickname. I think what I like most about my name is the meaning (golden dawn). I think it sounds pretty, and has an interesting history. My fourth grade teacher picked this name for her daughter because she saw it on me and liked it, also she wanted a name you can cut short sometimes like "Ori".
oriana_valentina  10/13/2015
This name also has Spanish roots.
LMS  8/18/2016
This name is used in Portuguese.
DanielleH  7/30/2017
I really like the meaning and sound of this name.
Rothaid1278  8/26/2017
In Italy were born 20 babies called Oriana in 2016.
Felie  2/16/2018
My name is Oriana and my friends call me Oreo so that’s why I called my kitten Oreo.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2018

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