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Osher is no Jewish form of Asher, since Asher *is* a Jewish (Hebrew) name. Osher is the *Yiddish* form.
Miss Claire  11/16/2005
If you don't know about Hebrew names then it's better if you won't even bother to mislead - Osher is not the Yiddish form.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2006
In modern times, the name is used in Israel as the meaning of the word osher in Hebrew, which is happiness.
iffat_oz  2/20/2006
Pronounced oh-shehr.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
The word osher meaning happiness is spelled with an aleph at the beginning, not an ayin. So it's spelled àùø. In the bit with the Other Scripts you wrote it with an ayin, and that means riches and isn't used as a name. [noted -ed]
Noa  8/12/2006

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