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'Ariel' also means 'lion of God' according to this site.
Katheros  8/1/2007
If other poeple didn't exactly like the name, they could still give him the name; just call him Niel most of the time. Neat name.
lowcal historyan  1/15/2008
It's pronounced "oht-nee-EL" in Hebrew, not "aht-ni-EL." The vowel that's usually pronounced "ah" becomes "oh" under certain circumstances (closed, unaccented syllable). That's why the name is written in English with an "O".
RebDeb  2/27/2008
A famous bearer of this name was Othniel Charles Marsh, a well-known 19th century American paleontologist:
Lucille  10/12/2010
Othniel was the brother of Caleb, not his nephew (See Joshua 15:16-17; Judges 1:13). He was also one of the first Judges. I think it's a lovely refreshing name.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2010
Othniel actually means the strength of God, according to Strong's concordance. Not lion of God, which is Ariel. Spent a lot of time researching esp this name. The meaning of this name was especially important to me & my family. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  4/24/2014
24 boys were given the name Othniel in the US in 2013!
Lady_Skywalker  4/5/2015

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