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Much better than Peggy. Though I'm not sure if I would name a child this.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2006
This is a weird one! I have always loved being named Peggy, never met too many others so I don't bump into "my" name at every turn.
1225baby  4/17/2007
I don't think anyone would be able to pronounce this.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2008
Good point, I have no idea how this is pronounced. Regardless, it definitely stands out!
silly_rabbit  10/9/2015
Maybe it's pronounced PAY-ee? But you could basically say it however you wanted, I suppose. I'm not a big fan of lots of vowels all in a row in a name, but it's certainly unique. To me, it looks and sounds strange but somewhat graceful.
― Anonymous User  9/10/2016

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