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Can also be spelled 'Padme' such as is the first name of the great, modern South Indian dancer, Dr. Padme Subramaniam. Padmini is a lovely variation of this name. There is a famous story of a beautiful medievel courtesan named 'Padmini' who was the princess of Chittorgah in North India.
angelina  2/12/2005
Padma was George Lucas's inspiration when he named Padme Amidala, a main character in the Star Wars series. Many of her costumes and the sets associated with her character (house, palace, apartment, etc) sport lotuses.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2005
Padma Patil is the twin of Parvati Patil in the Harry Potter series.
ringer007  8/6/2005
This is a cool name but it kind of reminds me of a paddle for some reason.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2007
Padma Venkatraman is the author of the richly beautiful novel "Climbing the Stairs".
EmilyOlive  7/18/2008
Pronounced PUTH-ma.
bibi66  8/30/2008
This is a cute name. It makes me think of a nice, laid-back, fun-loving guy, and a serene, thoughtful, and beautiful girl. It's great either way.

Oh, and it makes me think of Padma Maharassa, from the webcomic Friendly Hostility. He's the father of one of the two main characters, Fox, and he's a very eccentric man indeed.
DestructoGirl  6/27/2009
Indian model Padma Lakshmi is a famous bearer of this name.
muskastt9  10/15/2013
I like that the meaning is "lotus", a flower I rarely see as a meaning in names.
Tiger Lilly  10/5/2015
From what I see on (ourbabynamer) Padma is only feminine in America, possibly due to the 'A' ending.
cutenose  2/22/2016

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