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Heh, this is a very unusual name. I like it, though not for a person, more like a small bird, or a chihuahau. No offense to those who bear this name, I mean well. It's a very nice name.
_0TophasNails_1  12/11/2008
Paget Brewster is an American actress who currently portrays FBI agent Emily Prentiss in "Criminal Minds'.
harajukulover  1/8/2009
Actress Paget Brewster.
Emily_Prentiss  3/14/2011
If you want to add a famous Paget, there's Paget Brewster:

I also wanted to point out that Paget is a gender neutral name, not an inherently female name. There's Sir Paget Bourke, Professor Paget Henry, myself, and quite a few other examples (usually from the Pagets marrying into a family and it becoming a family name).
tronvillain  5/28/2015

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