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Does this crack anyone else up? Panther means "Panther"? Hmm. Duh?
VictoriaCalledTori  8/2/2007
This would be an utterly ridiculous name for a person. It's even too predictable for cats.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Panther is indeed the Greek word for "panther," but "panther" in the Greek sense is not a type of cat. It means literally "all beasts."
Akua Topaz  5/24/2008
Panther Caroso is a member of Team Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault. He is best known for having a relationship with Krystal, a member of Team Star Fox. He is also known for having a red rose as his trademark.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2012
My husband's name is Panther and we have twin boys who we both named Panther as the first name. I happen to love it and wouldn't change it.
Jgreen79  12/21/2016

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