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This was my mother's name. She was going to be called Maria, after her other grandmother, but then she was born on a Friday, so they used Maria for her little sister and named her Paraskeve for her father's mother. I don't really like this name that much, but it's traditional to name your eldest daughter after your mother (or your husband's mother), and I want to honor my mom. I'll probably call her Para as a nickname, as that's what my mom used.
kvpp88  10/21/2014
The Albanian form is Parashqevi. I have read that it is quite common among Albanian Orthodox Christians.
overtheclouds  11/12/2012
Paraskeve was a saint who was born on Friday and that's how she got her name, because Paraskeve means Friday in Greek. I praise this saint and wouldn't mind having this name. A short way to pronounce it, at least in Greece, would either be "Voula" and Paresa", for a girl, and "Paris", for a boy.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2009
Pronounced para-skef-ee.
SOYSUZA  6/29/2007
The pronunciation should be "paraskeVEE, not "paraskeFEE."
Kosta  3/31/2008
It means "holy preparation". Also means the day of the week "Friday" (hence you are preparing for church which starts Saturday).
SOYSUZA  6/29/2007
If I am not mistaken, in this instance the masculine form derives from the feminine rather than the other way around. The word for "preparation" is Paraskeve (feminine).
Kosta  4/6/2007
There is also a masculine form, Paraskevas (Pah-rah-ske-VAHS). [noted -ed]
Kosta  5/31/2006
Means "Friday" in Greek.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2005

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