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Pronounced pa-TRO-klus.
Aqua  11/21/2006
Patroclus was the lover of Achilles.
― Anonymous User  11/6/2007
Well, the thing is, the Greek word Homer used to describe Patroclus in relationship to Achilles, philia, can be interpreted as either lover, friend, squire, or second-in-command. So, since the Iliad was in existence, it has been rendered in all of the ways mentioned above many times. For the whole low-down, search Achilles and Patroclus on Wikipedia. Sometimes, Wikipedia doesn't have the most accurate information, but it is all presented nicely in the case of this article!

This might be better for a personal impression comment, but I have to say that I strongly believe they were not "just friends" or "lovers". They were comrades, brothers in arms--something more than friends, but not lovers. If you want clarification on what I mean, read Jonathan Shay's book Achilles In Vietnam. He puts it far clearer than I can, but I'm afraid we'll probably never know!
Athena Nike  10/24/2009
Alternatively pronounced PAT-ro-clus.
Athena Nike  8/14/2009
I usually don't like Greek Mythology names because the personalities associated with them are too strong--take Zeus and Achilles, for example. But the name Patroclus has really started to grow on me over the past month. It is strong, handsome, and masculine. Yes, even though he MAY have been the lover/beloved of Achilles! Since Patroclus isn't as well-known as those heroes and gods we all know and love (or hate), the connotations with this name aren't too strong. Also, I have to say that Patroclus was one of the sanest men on the Achaean (Greek) side of the war.

I have no trouble seeing this name on a toddler, a teenager, or an adult. Though, in middle school or high school, the poor kid might begin to get a few "Achilles loves Patroclus" jokes.

I prefer the name pronounced with the accent on the second syllable.
Athena Nike  11/28/2009
Was Patroclus homosexual? I saw the movie Troy, he seemed to acted like a brother. By the way the name sounds pretentious.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2010
This name was also used by the Hebrews in the post-exhilic period.
LMS  10/17/2014
I would probably pronounce this name "PA-truh-klus", though it is more widely pronounced "pa-TROK-lus".

In regard to the mythical character's sexuality, it is difficult to apply a modern concept like homosexuality to any ancient, fictional personage. However, he is described as being Achilles' beloved companion and has been widely interpreted as his lover, something the Warner Bros. movie tried to "sanitize" by making the two cousins instead (rather cowardly of them).

By the way, the Italian transliteration of the name is PATROCLO.
JJSkeete  7/15/2015
Patroclus is the name of Achilles' best friend and lover. He died at Hector's hand when he went to battle in Achilles' armor. When Patroclus died, Achilles went into battle, killing almost all of Troy's best warriors. He was reckless, and hated Hector for killing his love, and vowed to kill Hector himself. Legend even says that the gods themselves had to intervene, because Achilles' rage would have made Troy fall prematurely. Before Achilles died, he ordered that he and Patroclus's ashes would be mixed, and they get buried together. Not to mention, Homer and Plato both told the story with Patroclus and Achilles as lovers.
Azinza  4/4/2018

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