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Like it! Maybe I will name one of my children Peace as a middle name (like: Rhea Peace _ _ _).
Dahlis  1/27/2006
Good idea, Dahlis. I think Peace is definitely better as a middle name. I think someone with the first name Peace might get teased.
Petroushka  3/4/2007
This was the name of my grandmother, as she was born on 11/11/1918 (Armistice Day).
― Anonymous User  2/1/2006
I don't like this name. Hippie people peace out.
amber monkey  3/18/2006
So what do you like, war...?
― Anonymous User  4/21/2006
It's nice, but I would name my daughter Pax ("peace" in Latin) or Paz ("PAHS", "peace" in Spanish) instead. There is a Spanish actress named Paz Vega. It's subtler.
SeaHorse15  5/7/2006
I think this is an absolutely beautiful name. I don't know any Peace's, but it's a truly special name for a girl. I'm thinking of naming my daughter this.
ohsooashley  12/24/2006
Yeah, I agree this is a total hippie name, this name had its moment in the 60s and 70s. It's done enough damage.
stuckonstupid  1/24/2007
How could you say there is such a thing as a hippie name? It's a beautiful name and NOT A HIPPIE NAME and to any parents considering it, go right ahead.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
I think it's a beautiful name, and if you like the meaning but not the name there's always Irene, which also means Peace.
― Anonymous User  5/22/2007
As opposed to Hippies, this name reminds me of Puritans. They used lots of "virtue" names, like Chastity, Hope, Patience, etc.
VictoriaCalledTori  6/24/2007
This is the ultimate hippie name, isn't it? It sounds very strange as a name in English-speaking countries, even if equivalent words for 'Peace' are common names in other cultures.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
You all say 'Hippie' like it's a bad thing!
jazzbaby  10/20/2008
I like the idea of Peace, although I wouldn't use it for a first name. Like someone else suggested above, maybe a middle name instead. :D
CanadianChibi  3/21/2009
"Makepeace" is a similar name. A famous bearer is William Makepeace Thackeray, the nineteenth-century English novelist and author of "Vanity Fair". I really love Makepeace!
SeaHorse15  8/14/2009
Peace is a beautiful concept, but it sounds silly as a name.
bananarama  9/2/2009
Parents, don't go naming your child Peace. If you want to name your kid Peace, do it as a middle name.
Zoey3453  12/30/2009
Hippie name.
FlakyMatt  10/17/2011
I love this name! My 4 yr old niece's name is Peace Alexandria and not once has any kid made fun of it, my whole family thinks it's cute and sweet, adults may think it's weird when they get introduced to her at first, but they've never made any rude comments about it.
Hippienamelover  11/25/2013
Hello everyone, reading all these comments made me sad. My REAL name is Peace and I used to get teased a lot when I was in year 2-3 (Primary years) Then all my classmates/friends got used to the name and they stopped teasing me.

The name is a beautiful name and not hippie at all!

(And do name your child Peace!)
peaceyin  5/11/2015
Peace is beautiful in theory, but people might say a "piece of sh-t" or "Piece of a--" to insult the poor kid.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2016
My first name is Peace. I was teased a lot in high school and wanted to change my name to Debbie, lol. But, as I got older people started complimenting me on my name. Now, I am obsessed with my name. When I see things with my name of it, I act like a child in the candy store. :-D. I LOVE MY NAME!
Keekee1303  7/4/2016
My daughter's name is Peace. It's a beautiful name and in fact I am obsessed with my daughter's name. Many people compliment my daughter's name and want to name their baby as Peace.

In Hebrew it's Shalom, Greek it's Irene and in Spanish it's Pax/Paz. So, why can't we make the English word a name.
Oxytocin  11/19/2016
Why would you name a child after a word? That seems really stupid. Plus if this was a name it would sound really dopey and hippy.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2017
It’s a pretty name and nice virtue. As for the people complaining about words for names, many names, in every language, were once words. Of course, some words aren’t name material, but I think this one is fine.
Morgan1599  12/6/2017
Peace is a beautiful name, but I would prefer it as a middle name. I'm not saying that naming your daughter Peace as a first name is bad, I just personally prefer it in the middle… Edith Peace, Zoë Peace, Saskia Peace, Rose Peace, etc. It sounds nicer, most of the time.
BeccyLeader2  4/26/2018
Love the name Peace. I may well name one of my children that. It makes me fall deep into it and make me wonder more what it really means.
BeccyLeader1  4/27/2018

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