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I think Pekka is more like a feminine name, because it ends in a.
-- Mama1  7/29/2006
Do you honestly believe any child given this name will escape teasing? It's not a stretch to think of what they will call him or her. A male body part comes to mind.
-- leananshae  12/8/2007
For heaven's sake, it's a FINNISH name! Lift your Americocentric eyes away from the glasses that show USA as the only country that counts and English as the only acceptable language! I might giggle at names that sound fun in my mother tongue, but I don't judge them as "horrible" or "impossible" or "names that would be mean to give a child", because that would only be true if the child lived in my home country. Most people on earth don't know a single word of English and do NOT live in America.
-- Caprice  2/28/2010
Why do you assume that the previous poster's are American? Don't you think it's a rash generalization to imply that every ignorant comment made by an English speaker is American?
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2010
Yes, but in this case the person commenting IS American. I would find it just as irritating if the person commenting was, let's say, Greek. Or Chinese. Or Nigerian. Or Swedish.
-- Caprice  9/14/2010
A famous bearer is Hannu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen from Finnish stunt group, The Dudesons.
-- sarah-grrrl  3/1/2011

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