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Personally, I'd go with Percival; it sounds prettier, more dignified.
-- gaelruadh19  5/7/2005
Sir Percy is the real name of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a mysterious hero who fights for justice in the late 1700's France and England, in Emmuska Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel novels.
-- Soul  7/6/2005
When I was a little girl, I thought Percy was a feminine name. Why? Because I thought it was spelled Pursey... you know, women carry purses, so why wouldn't PURSEY be a girl's name? So I thought that until I told my grandmother it would have been fun to name my female dog that. Then she told me it was a boy name.
-- Anonymous User  11/21/2005
Many children would recognize the name Percy from the Harry Potter books as Percy Weasley is Ron Weasley uptight rule-abiding brother.
-- ljc  4/9/2006
Lord Percy Percy, heir to the Duchy of Northumberland, from Blackadder 1&2, of course.
-- vattenkvinna  4/20/2006
I absolutley LOVE this name. Everyone says that if I name a child Percy he will get teased? But why? It's an awesome name and it has character. I don't like Percival though, just Percy.

And, Percy was a train in Thomas the Tank Engine.
-- bellaboo  10/5/2006
Sounds like a pipe-smoking old grandad to me, not a very nice name for a child!
--  3/1/2007
Also a nickname for "Persephone" though spelled, "Persy"
-- Anonymous User  4/2/2008
I'm not sure why, but this name always makes me think of chihuahuas. I think it's a bit of an amusing and old-fashioned name, and it doesn't have a very pleasant sound to it.
-- slight night shiver  5/2/2008
I, for one, think this is a great name. No matter what any one says, Harry Smotter or no Harry Smotter, I'll always think of that great French Revolution superhero, Sir Percy Blakeney.
-- welovejamesarness  5/25/2008
I have seen this name short for Perseus in the book The Lightning Thief.
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2008
Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant was nicknamed Percy by his fellow band members.
-- Anonymous User  6/27/2008
Cruel, unbelievably cruel. You'd be better off naming the child Dorothy McNancypants. The full Percival is better but Percy would be inevitable as a nickname surely?
-- Anonymous User  8/25/2008
Percy Williams was a famous track star. He went to the Olympics in 1928.
-- welovejamesarness  12/21/2008
Percy Granger, a composer thought to have had a sexual relationship with his mother (she, and don't quote me on this, committed suicide whenever he showed interest in a woman who was not her).
-- magicalhannah7  4/11/2009
I've known several cats named Percy, because of the purr sound.

And, magicalhannah, Mrs Granger must have been somewhat magical herself to commit suicide "whenever" something happened!
-- Anneza  6/26/2009
I truly like this name. I like the way it sounds, short and sweet. Though, I prefer this name on boys.
-- Rm4187  12/13/2009
Percy Grainger great Australian pianist and composer subject of the movie 'Passion'.
-- Anton  3/9/2010
Percy Windum was one of the civil war generals.
-- writer371  5/28/2011
The Norman town is actually spelled Percy, not Perci.
-- lillinparadise  3/10/2013
No one thinks of Percy Jackson? Percy Jackson was the main character in the book series of Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus), the demigod son of Poseidon. There has been a movie made of the first book (The Lightning Thief) and the second book is being made into a movie now (The Sea of Monsters).
This makes me like the name because of the connection to the books (not to mention Percy Weasley). The Percy Jackson books were the series that got me to love reading, so I shall always love the name.
Percy was a nickname for Perseus, who was named this because Perseus was one of the only heroes to have a happy ending (although it was the name of the son of Zeus).
-- HarderToBreathe  6/9/2013
The name Percy was given to 58 baby boys born in the US in 2012. It's quite a cute name.
-- Oohvintage  7/20/2013
Percy is a nice name, but a bit pretentious.
-- hkols  11/3/2014
Sounds like a name for a cute little Chihuahua.
-- PinkJazzX  3/4/2015
Percy Lavon Julian (1899-1975) was a research chemist and one of the first men to study the chemical fusion of medicinal drugs that are derived from plants. His work led to the development of corticosteroids, birth control pills, and cortisone. He was the first ever black chemist to be given a spot in the National Academy of Scientists.
-- earthnut  8/3/2015

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