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This name sounds very religious to me, like someone's conformation name. I can't picture anyone actually being named "Perpetua", it quite obviously means perpetual.
-- susiejean  5/22/2008
I don't like this name. Who wants to have a name that sounds like "perpetual"?
-- bananarama  2/15/2010
I'll admit I don't care for the Spanish pronunciation of this name, but that's probably because I'm English. Pronounced "per-PET-shoo-a", like the English word "perpetual", I think this name is absolutely beautiful. I absolutely love it, and the meaning is gorgeous too!
-- Anonymous User  7/29/2010
Actually I think the pronunciation for this name in English is "per-PECH-yoo-ə".

It's a very rare name though.
-- JJSkeete  9/9/2010
This is a quote from the user Murasaki on the Name Facts board on the usage of the name Perpetua in Italy. "[Perpetua] has a history of usage in Italy, and has been used in Alessandro Manzoni's 19th c. classic novel "The Betrothed" where it's the name of the character of a priest's governess. As a result, "Perpetua" has become a common word to designate a priest's governess, and has consequently fallen out of use as a person's name."
-- overtheclouds  6/21/2012
Saint Perpetua of Carthage is a third century Christian martyr.
-- overtheclouds  6/22/2012
This name is very bad. When someone gets a life sentance in Spanish it's called "cadena Perpetua". I would never name my child after a prison sentance.
-- Karina Guadalupe  10/4/2012
This is a unique name probably for unique people. I like how it sounds so powerful. But because of the history of the martyr St Perpetua and her great sacrifice, naming a baby Perpetua is almost like naming a baby Jesus. But I am stunned. Very beautiful and respected name. I like how it is not an over-used name like Sarah and Jane and maybe... Penelope the duck.
-- Pussy-Meow  10/13/2013
Also used in Portuguese. It's definitely more common for the older generations, but I've known a few Perpetuas (my dad has a cousin whose wife has this name). We spell it Perpétua. I actually like it, but it probably won't work unless you're really religious. [noted -ed]
-- Buneary  4/20/2014

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