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The name Phebe was used by Shakespeare.
Destry  4/13/2005
Phebe is a really nice name. Hebe could be a cute nickname for it. =)
Cyneburga  6/17/2007
In Dutch/Flemish the spelling is Febe (Biblical) and pronounced FAY-be, but I like both FEE-bee & FAY-be.
Phebe  8/13/2010
Phebe is an okay name I guess, whenever people hear my name they always love it but some say it sounds like an old lady's name which I hate.
Phebe-Bauer  11/2/2015
My name is Phebe (spelled without the "o"). I hated my name as a kid. People would purposely spell and say it incorrectly just to tick me off. I didn't start loving and appreciating my name until I became an adult and realized the meaning of my name and the uniqueness of my name. I am obsessed with other "Phebe/Phoebe's" and I feel like we all share an unspoken bond through our name. I get a lot of compliments on my name as well. I love that it's a rare name and I am the only Phebe that I know and that anyone else knows. I almost changed my name but I wouldn't be me if my name wasn't Phebe. I love it!
― Anonymous User  12/11/2016

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