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Philomela also means "nightingale", and is a different spelling of "Philomel", also feminine.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2005
Pronounced fil-o-MEE-lah.
Aqua  11/21/2006
Poor Philomela. The name is good overall - there's no denying that - but I wouldn't recommend it because of the fate that befell the mythological Philomela.
seraphine_eternal  2/5/2008
It's a great name, I like the spelling a lot. It's very unique, not something you would see everyday.
Samantha-chan  6/18/2008
People staying away from this lovely name due to a tragic bearer. That's like refusing to name your daughter Lucretia or Lavinia (the latter a Shakespeare character who suffered a fate similar to Philomela). However, these are all beautiful names.
erb816  5/31/2010

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