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Phuong is the name of a character in Graham Greene's novel The Quiet American. The name's meaning is mentioned in the book; she is a young Vietnamese woman who represents a phoenix in many ways.
zita  1/29/2006
Genuinely nice to all.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2006
Phương (芳) does not mean "direction" but "fragrant; virtuous; beautiful".
the homophonous phương (方) "direction" is not normally not used as a given name.
Phượng "phoenix" differs in tone so they are not hard to keep apart.
Junyi  8/13/2007
Phuong means red flower only blossoming in the summer, at tropical countries.
P-huong  8/20/2008
Trần Thị Hà Phương is a Vietnamese Vpop singer. She is the sister of Vpop singers Cẩm Ly and Minh Tuyet.
cutenose  5/21/2016

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