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In the 1968 John Updike novel, Couples, Piet Hanema is a house builder and the main protagonist of the story. He is American but his parents were from the Netherlands.
sharky1973  9/28/2018
Piet van Reenen born was a Dutch former professional footballer who was a prolific goalscorer at Ajax. With 278 goals in 240 matches from 1929 to 1943, he is the club's all-time top goal scorer. He was also the club's top goal scorer for 9 consecutive seasons, from 1929–30 to 1937–38.
cutenose  1/11/2017
Piet Mondrian's surname was originally spelled as "Mondriaan", but at some point he decided to remove one "a" to make it sound more international.
Suzijn1994  3/5/2014
Piet Mondrian, full name Pieter Mondrian, was a Dutch painter who was a contributor to the De Stijl movement. He was known for painting grids and using only the three primary colors in his paintings.
magicalhannah7  7/18/2009
This is actually not the Dutch form of Peter. Piet is a short form of Pieter, which is the Dutch form of Peter. Piet itself is the Dutch form of Pete. [noted -ed]
renee06  10/15/2007
The Dutch pronunciation is PEET. [noted -ed]
X-Mar  4/5/2006

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