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I think Pluto is a pretty name and I maybe would name my kid that. I like it and I like Mickey Mouse’s dog- he is so cute!
Aquatic  5/29/2018
Three impressions:
The dog.
The planet.
The death god.

Yeah, that's a great name.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2013
I can't get past the whole Mickey's dog Pluto.
blueeyesparkle  1/15/2013
I think it would be just cruel to name a kid Pluto, but I still think it is cool. I am still upset it isn't a planet, though. What else that we have grown up knowing isn't true, anyway?
jattie  6/16/2007
STOP talking about it being the name of the year, we get the point! It was my favourite planet and I don't know how they can strip a planet of being called a planet! I think that society is crap and no one needs them!
― Anonymous User  4/19/2007
Would not like to name a child this, but it is a nice name.
Sparky221  4/2/2007
Yay for Pluto! You'll always be my ninth planet!
silverzither  2/21/2007
Pluto is the name of a character in Erskine Caldwell's, "God's Little Acre." He is a bumbling fellow, but nice enough.
kodo  2/19/2007
Appropriate name for Artemis.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2007
Pluto was the name of the cat in Edgar Allan Poe's story, The Black Cat. It was horribly mistreated by it's owner, but in the end revenged itself upon its master.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2007
The American Name Society voted that this was the Best Name of the Year? I have a feeling that they have a weird sense of humor. Sure, name your son after a silly (albeit cute) cartoon dog or the Greek-Roman god of the Underworld. Classy. It gives you such a warm, safe, happy feeling!
gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
As Greta says, the American Name Society certainly did NOT vote Pluto as the "best" name of the year. The Name of the Year is the name which best illustrates how important names are and their place in our society and culture. Pluto won because of the controversy over the designation of the astronomical body. There was no intention to recommend it as a name for a human being. Even when a personal name is selected Name of the Year, there is no implication that the Society thinks it's the "best" name for babies.
clevelandkentevans  1/10/2010
About Pluto being Name of the Year, the explanation is on page 3 of the 2009 bulletin of the society. It was for Placename of the Year 2006, as in the name of a natural feature, a planet, not for a person. That year's controversy over 'dwarf planet' status doesn't make sense because even a 'dwarf planet' is still a planet ('dwarf' modifies 'planet') and any idiot can see asteroids are lumpy because they have mass below a level that draws the material into a sphere, and planets have masses above that level, and therefore Pluto is clearly a planet. 'Pluto' has never made a good name for a baby though.
greta-elisif  10/10/2009
A lot of people think it's crazy Pluto was voted Best Name, but they weren't talking about Best Name to Name Your Child. This name has a lot of history, and I think it is pretty cool.
neleh  3/27/2007
Who came up with the idea of making this the name of the year? I mean, okay name a child after a planet like Venus or Jupiter, but Pluto?
honungspinglan  3/23/2007
This, the name of the year? The guy that made that decision has something wrong with him! I would never name my kid after a planet!
flipflops5  3/4/2007
Uh just the thought of naming my child Pluto is a little creepy and who exactly is on the American Name Society anyway. Name of the year? Are you kidding me?
Danni91  2/27/2007
Name of the Year? Seriously? lol.
ltacoleman  2/9/2007
I just can't understand, why anyone would name their child Pluto. It's so boring name and also little creepy.
Yippal  1/27/2007
If you name your kid this, you must either hate him, be a crackhead, or drunk. I would never name my kid this.
ellahcooper2495  1/26/2007
Pluto is part of the Kuiper Belt now, which is full of objects the size and bigger of Pluto. Charon was the name of a satellite (moon in laymen's terms), but they recently discovered there was another satellite and they called it Charon II.
Infinitie  10/8/2006
Pluto has two satellites in addition to Charon. They were named Nix and Hydra.
firstborn_86  1/14/2007
Sadly Pluto is not an official planet, it's actually a Dwarf Planet. So that makes it only 8 planets.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2006
Strangely enough Pluto's only moon is called Caronte, the same name as the boatman that worked for Pluto (in Greek and Roman mythology) and whos mission was to transport the souls across the river Estigius.
6diablesse6  8/12/2006
Pluto is Mickey Mouse's dog.
breakofday  12/16/2005

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