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Pocahontas was also known as Matoaka and Rebecca Rolfe.
wiswina  12/3/2005
In fact, Matoaka was Pocahontas's birth name. When she married a British subject, she was baptized Rebecca Rolfe. Pocahontas was a childhood pet name of Algonquin meaning (playful).
Jared  12/29/2005
I love the meaning of this name.
aja3  10/17/2007
This name is beautiful, it truly is. Unfortunately, it's bullying material for a typical non-American Indian child. I foresee a lot of stereotypical "war cries" complete with patting on the mouth. You know what I mean.
erb816  12/9/2008
Pocahontas is the 1995 Disney movie. I really like 'The Virginia Company' and 'Steady As The Beating Drum', the first two songs in that movie.
LittleMissWeekender  5/13/2009

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