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"Prisca" is a so much better name than its more common form, "Priscilla." Unlike Priscilla (a hideous name), Prisca is less likely to be called "Prissy". This is a pleasant name that is by no means crude.
avalah  5/27/2006
Prisca and Cian would go great together if you had girl/boy twins. As both of them mean "Ancient". =)
Cyneburga  8/5/2007
This is a nice nickname for Priscilla.
jasmineenimsaj  3/13/2008
This is a very pretty name, and a great alternative to Priscilla.
-Julia-  7/24/2009
Priscilla sounds ancient compared to Prisca but overall Prisca is a nicer name, I think.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2010
Not bad, strange and whimsical. :)
walesgal92  7/24/2010
This name is also used in The Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Lucille  3/19/2011
In Latin, Priscilla is the diminutive form of Prisca. So Aquila's wife would have been called Priscilla but named Prisca.
Anneza  7/24/2011
I went to school with a very nice Haitian girl named Prisca.
Clytemnestra1992  7/24/2014

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