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It's quite clear if you look at the SSA data that Qiana came before Kiana as a popular name, and therefore was undoubtedly derived from the trade name of the silk-like material. This was a computer-generated name chosen to sound elegant and have no meaning in any major language (which is one reason the u-less spelling was chosen). [noted -ed]
-- clevelandkentevans  8/17/2005
Actually, several names in Chinese use a Q without a U. I personally am unsure of the origins, so I make no claim on the actual origin of the name. It may very well be entirely made up.
-- VictoriaCalledTori  12/1/2006
Naming your kid after a kind of fabric? How tacky.
-- number1212  5/12/2008
This name is silly and pathetic. It's the name of a fabric, so why should it be used as the name of a person? You might as well name your kid Satin or Polyester.
-- bananarama  4/22/2010
I agree it's a little tacky, but now you mention it, Satin is actually a nice name for a girl.
-- ListenToAsuka  5/3/2010
The only time I've seen this name is on a white girl and it was spelled a little differently- Quiona- and it was pronounced Key-AH-na. I've never heard of anyone in the [my] African-American culture use this name because of its origin of being a material, and not many peopleI know use this spelling anymore; they use Kiana, Kiyanna, or Keona.
-- Poco  9/18/2012
It's extremely tacky to name your kid after a fabric. Really.
-- Buneary  1/7/2013

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