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It's not my favorite name but it also has some charisma although this spelling would only confuse people I must say I am surprised by people's outright disdain for the name- I mean it's okay to name your kid after after an occupation such as Piper, Taylor, Tyler the list goes on. But when you get into fabrics that's where the line has to be drawn and not just any fabric but a fabric that the majority of people have probably never heard of, but that's just my observation.
KaylannikkiH  9/5/2017
It's extremely tacky to name your kid after a fabric. Really.
Buneary  1/7/2013
The only time I've seen this name is on a white girl and it was spelled a little differently- Quiona- and it was pronounced Key-AH-na. I've never heard of anyone in the [my] African-American culture use this name because of its origin of being a material, and not many peopleI know use this spelling anymore; they use Kiana, Kiyanna, or Keona.
Poco  9/18/2012
I agree it's a little tacky, but now you mention it, Satin is actually a nice name for a girl.
ListenToAsuka  5/3/2010
This name is silly and pathetic. It's the name of a fabric, so why should it be used as the name of a person? You might as well name your kid Satin or Polyester.
bananarama  4/22/2010
Naming your kid after a kind of fabric? How tacky.
number1212  5/12/2008
Actually, several names in Chinese use a Q without a U. I personally am unsure of the origins, so I make no claim on the actual origin of the name. It may very well be entirely made up.
VictoriaCalledTori  12/1/2006
It's quite clear if you look at the SSA data that Qiana came before Kiana as a popular name, and therefore was undoubtedly derived from the trade name of the silk-like material. This was a computer-generated name chosen to sound elegant and have no meaning in any major language (which is one reason the u-less spelling was chosen). [noted -ed]
clevelandkentevans  8/17/2005

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