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It is also the Chinese word for 'frog'.
-- Windigo  12/7/2005
It does not mean 'frog'. I am Chinese, so I know what the name probably means. It also means love.
-- Sinosunshine  1/24/2006
It actually can mean frog. If you put "Qing wa" then it's frog. I don't think anyone would name their child this though.
-- JungKyungSoon  4/13/2008
It can be used as a boy's name. It means clear water. In Chinese, Qing can be written into different words. My boyfriend is named Zhang Ze Qing, a really wonderful name.
-- Sinosunshine  1/24/2006
青 is pronounced “Ching”。
-- cadenceqing  9/5/2008
My friend's name is Yun Qing, which means 'greenish blue cloud'. An odd colour for a cloud, but nice nonetheless. Normally she goes by the nickname Qing Qing.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2010
When I studied Chinese (Mandarin) many years ago (I didn't get very far), my teacher (who said he was totally color blind) said that the Chinese language (at least Mandarin) had a single word for both blue and green. Is this true?
-- Kosta  8/3/2011
It is also the name of the last and longest dynastic rule in Chinese history: the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).
-- JJSkeete  6/16/2012
To say that Qing means 'blue-green' is sort of a half translation. The true meaning seems even more appealing to me, because it means something like 'the color of things in nature'. For example, the color of the leaves on a tree would be the theory of 'Qing' but a pair of man made green pants of the exact same shade would not be Qing. It's a really beautiful word, and I think it would make a nice name!
-- iseaton  10/3/2014

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