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It is also the Chinese word for 'frog'.
Windigo  12/7/2005
It does not mean 'frog'. I am Chinese, so I know what the name probably means. It also means love.
Sinosunshine  1/24/2006
It actually can mean frog. If you put "Qing wa" then it's frog. I don't think anyone would name their child this though.
JungKyungSoon  4/13/2008
It can be used as a boy's name. It means clear water. In Chinese, Qing can be written into different words. My boyfriend is named Zhang Ze Qing, a really wonderful name.
Sinosunshine  1/24/2006
青 is pronounced “Ching”。
cadenceqing  9/5/2008
My friend's name is Yun Qing, which means 'greenish blue cloud'. An odd colour for a cloud, but nice nonetheless. Normally she goes by the nickname Qing Qing.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2010
When I studied Chinese (Mandarin) many years ago (I didn't get very far), my teacher (who said he was totally color blind) said that the Chinese language (at least Mandarin) had a single word for both blue and green. Is this true?
Kosta  8/3/2011
It is also the name of the last and longest dynastic rule in Chinese history: the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).
JJSkeete  6/16/2012
To say that Qing means 'blue-green' is sort of a half translation. The true meaning seems even more appealing to me, because it means something like 'the color of things in nature'. For example, the color of the leaves on a tree would be the theory of 'Qing' but a pair of man made green pants of the exact same shade would not be Qing. It's a really beautiful word, and I think it would make a nice name!
iseaton  10/3/2014
Tian Qing is a women's and mixed doubles badminton player from China. Tian Qing started to practice badminton with her father Tian Jianyi who was also a badminton coach, in Anhua Sports School at age 7. In 1998, she moved to Hunan Province Sports School and in 2004, she competed at the World Junior Championships and won gold in the girls' doubles event teamed-up with Yu Yang. In 2006, she joined the national team. In her early career at the national team, she was partnered with Pan Pan, and they participated at the 2009 World Championships, and the 2010 Uber Cup.
cutenose  7/28/2017

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