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I gave this to my son as a middle name. I chose it because I wanted to subtly honor both of my parents, and since Quin is a variant of Quintus, it therefore means "fifth", and my parents were both born in May (the fifth month of the year). Clever, right? lol. It would have been his first name had it not been for the fact that the similar "Quinn" is quite popular at the moment and being used on girls as well. I'm quite happy with my choice and I feel that Quin is such a strong and masculine name; it makes me think of a ruggedly handsome man, so I can't imagine why one would give it to a female. But to each her own I suppose. =/
― Anonymous User  5/6/2008
Harley Quin is Agatha Christie's story character, who is mysteriously dark yet captivating. I like this name, but only with 1 n (i.e. Quin and not Quinn).
La Reina  9/26/2008
Quin seems like a masculine name to me, and Quinn is feminine for me. I like this as a nickname for Quinlan.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2013

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