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This is also a girl's name in Arabic. I don't know the meaning of it though.
Arieanne  4/5/2009
Also used in Portuguese as a nickname for Rafael. Pronounced RAH-fa.
mellon.collie  9/21/2009
A Spanish masculine name almost always ends in "o", "e", or a consonant, but this name ends in "a". But this makes sense, since the original "long form" is "Rafael" which ends in a consonant.
JapanYoshiTheGamer  11/15/2011
Also very common as a nickname in Brazilian Portuguese. And not only for Rafael (M), but also Rafaela (F). Rafa is common + unisex. I noticed it's probably this common only here in Brazil, in Portugal "Rafe" is more used.
Rodrigo  2/18/2018

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