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Raffaela is a very pretty name and it makes me think of a dark haired young woman with a good sense of humor and responsibility. It's not overly used in Germany, I know exactly one girl with this name. I think Raffi would be a cute nickname.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2009
I first came across this name in Melina Marchetta's novel (On the) Jellicoe Road. Disclaimer: AMAZING book.

After saying it aloud a couple times, I really like this name. Uncommon (but not stupid), and very pretty. And I think the nickname Raffy would be adorable.
Hannah_E  12/20/2010
Raffaëla Anderson is a French former adult film performer. During her porn career, she was often credited as Raphaëlla (also spelled Raphaëla).

Anderson studied to be a secretary. She entered the French pornography business in 1994 at the age of 18 and left it four years later. Still a virgin at that time, she had her first sexual intercourse with a porn actor on a film set. While still in adult films, she was raped by two men who had recognized her. Her agressors were identified but, according to her own account, the public prosecutor told her that she was "the product of a bad education" and that, being a porn actress, she should not be complaining.
lilolaf  7/15/2017

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