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Ragnhild Ludvikssen is a Belinda's aunt and legal gaurdian in the Belinda Valory novels.
FuschiaNicole  4/7/2007
Ragna is a nickname of Ragnhild when it is used for girls.
FuschiaNicole  5/13/2007
Princess Ragnhild of Norway (b. 1930) is the oldest sister of Harald V of Norway.
Kate  8/19/2007
I hear it's pronounced "Rung-nil", but I could be mistaken. I used to pronounce it "Roun-hild". Whoops!
FuschiaNicole  9/10/2007
In Denmark we pronounce this name as 'roun-hill'. I always thought it had something to do with ravens as the Danish word for raven is ravn (pronounced like round without the d - aka the same sound as ragn in Ragnhild).

I think it's a strong name!
Katrine  9/25/2009
In Norway 'Ragnhild' can be pronounced in two ways - either /'ragn-hild/ or /'raŋn-(h)ild/. Grammatically, the former pronunciation is the right one, but people tend to be lazy so many favour the latter - the latter is certainly the easiest to pronounce.
blessed-bee  10/18/2011
Ragnhild was only on the charts in Norway for five years; nevertheless, it managed to rank at #2 for one year. It ranked at #5 in 1930 (behind Bjørg, Inger, Solveig and Gerd) and was out of the top 10 by 1935.
Quamalamalam  1/14/2015

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