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There is a book series for little girls by Beverly Cleary with a heroine named Ramona. I used to adore those books when I was a little girl, so I am endeared to this name and find it very cute, even though most people I know find it ugly.
-- VeryGorgeous  10/30/2005
Avril Ramona Lavigne is the full name of famous singer Avril Lavigne.
-- Charlie1977  2/5/2006
"Ramona" is a name also used in Italy.
-- iva_toneva  5/7/2006
The male form "Ramon" is very rare in Romania, but Ramona is amongst the most common names of Romanian women.
-- anishtephan  6/30/2006
Ramona Ramirez is the Spanish au pair/nanny in the British TV-series "Cold Feet".
-- Ylva  9/18/2006
Maggie Gyllenhaal has just named her daughter Ramona.
-- kiwifruit  10/8/2006
Loved this name since my childhood. Ramona Quimby was my favorite series of books. It is a strong sounding girl name and I think it is cute.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2007
The name Ramona means "Protector". I think the name is so cute!
-- elysa  5/13/2007
It's definitely very used in Romania. [noted -ed]
-- andychiry  5/25/2007
It is curious how the same name has different perceptions in different cultures. I'm from Spain and here Ramona is mostly regarded as a lame, ugly name. If you think of a Ramona, you can but picture an old peasant woman living in some lost village. It is dated now and nobody calls their daughter Ramona anymore - thank God!
-- Anonymous User  9/21/2007
I think Ramona is an incredibly beautiful name! I have a friend who has a friend that is called Ramona. Ramona is very elegant and unusual. I highly recommend it!
-- harry_sent_me  10/18/2007
It's such a horrible name that I can't even find a word to describe how horrible it is.
-- Anonymous User  11/17/2007
Actors Peter Sarsgaard & Maggie Gyllenhaal have a daughter Ramona Sarsgaard, born 3th October, 2006 in New York City.
-- Maggie_Simpson  11/28/2007
It makes me think of an annoying, loud-mouthed woman with dark eyes, dark, curly hair, and trashy clothes. It also sounds like the name some hardcore Ramones fans would give their daughter.
-- slight night shiver  5/3/2008
Tre Cool , the drummer for the punk band Green Day, named his daughter this.
-- taylor123  8/8/2008
"To Ramona" is a song by Bob Dylan from his 1964 album "Another Side of Bob Dylan".
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2008
May also be spelt Romona. I believe this is the Italian or German spelling. Pronounced (Ro-mo-na).
-- Rom  1/8/2009
A German or Italian spelling of Ramona doesn't exist. There's just Ramona.
-- Rioghnach  5/2/2009
What a nice name!
-- emily  4/5/2010
What a gorgeous name!
-- AmericaSpainGermany  7/16/2010
I hate the 'moan' sound in Ramona. So unattractive.
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2010
I originally hated this name when I read "Ramona And Beezus" but as I grew older, the name grew on me.
I've never met a Ramona; and I love the sound of it. It also kind of reminds me of Ramona Flowers (of Scott Pilgrim.) Spunky and smart. It's a lovely name, in my opinion.
-- DaphneSusan  8/27/2010
I associate Ramona first and foremost with the Helen Hunt Jackson novel of the same name rather than Ramona Quimby of the children's books. I really like the name, I feel it is strong yet undoubtedly feminine.
-- vomiting  9/8/2010
Ramona Victoria Flowers, one of the protagonists in the Scott Pilgrim series. Portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the movie.

Avril Lavigne's full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne.
-- DaphneSusan  12/12/2010
Ramona Marquez is a British child actress. She plays Karen in the series Outnumbered.
-- AnastasiaE  8/1/2012
Ramona is an adorable name! We all got it from the Ramona books. If you wanted to, you could name a child Ramona and nickname her " Mona" after the Mona Lisa! Ramona sounds like a name that belongs to a kind girl too!
-- Melys11  1/1/2013
Wow, seems like a lot of people don't like this name. I personally think its adorable and sweet, and I predict it making a comeback in the next few years.
-- Oohvintage  6/15/2013
The name Ramona was given to 197 baby girls born in the US in 2012 (:
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
I like the nicknames Mona and Moni.
-- shadow1999  10/4/2013
I love the name Ramona. Reminds me of Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, an independent, funny, smart young woman. It's a pretty name, unusual and yet not so trendy. The "moan" thing doesn't bother me. To be honest, kids can find a way to make fun of any name. I love this name so much I gave it to the protagonist of a script I'm writing. And it fits her very well.
-- Anonymous User  11/24/2013
Ramona Random is a character in the awesome sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Jennifer Morgue" by Charles Stross. She is a secret agent/superhero who eliminates bad guys in a most creative way. She is described as being very beautiful, and is also very smart and funny. She is one of my favorite characters in his books.
-- Anonymous User  11/26/2013
I love my name! I can't imagine why anyone would think it is ugly. One doesn't have to like it, but I actually can't think of a name I would like more. My dad heard the song (probably sung by Delores del Rio) on the radio in 1949 just a short time before I was born and said "That's the name I want if the baby is a girl." Back then it was always a surprise and both a girl's name and a boy's name were being chosen. Previous to hearing the song, he had been thinking of the name Maxine. No offense to any Maxines, but I am thankful for the song being played that particular moment when he was listening! Maybe if I'd been named Maxine I would like that name just as much as I like my own name today!
-- RamonaCherrie  11/5/2014
It's great to hear about a Ramona who loves her name. It's what we're naming our soon-to-be-born daughter. I just love the name so much. We affectionately call her Momo sometimes.
-- the detective  11/24/2014
As to the comment about the sound in the middle, I always hear and think of it as broken into the syllables like this "Ra-mo-na" and even when called "Mona" or "Monie" I alwys think of it as being broken between the O and the N so it's never a "moan" sound to me! :-)
-- RamonaCherrie  11/8/2014
I'm surprised. Is this name popular only in Hungary? I thought it was more international. Actually I love the sound of it. At least there won't be many namesakes for Ramona's.
-- heidbz  5/20/2015
I also love my name. I go by the nicknames Mona, Moni, Mo and Momo.
-- ramonadavis73067  12/7/2015

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