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It has ram in it, and it reminds me of the annoying girl in Ramona and Beezus.
kayisforkeen  8/13/2018
Ramona is also an Italian name.
In 2016 there were born 30 Ramonas in Italy.
Felie  4/14/2018
I rate Ramona 3/10. It seems both snobbish and tacky with a horrible stripper vibe in my mind.
Felie  4/14/2018
Ramona is a total guilty pleasure name of mine! I love it & I'm not even sure why! I would never go for it but I do love this name! I love the way it rolls off the tongue & sounds so girly & sweet yet has some sass to it! Ramy is a cute nickname!
CrayStay  4/4/2018
Thank god I was called Ramona- it fitted perfectly with my married name Codona, Ramonacodona a name people remember
because it rhymes. I have had many businesses through my life- some successful some not. The one thing people always
recalled was my name. I got divorced nearly 30 years ago and still use the name. My grandmother went to the cinema, it most have been in the early 30's and the film was about an Indian princess called Ramona, a love story. She named my aunt Ramona, her last child, after the Indian princess, and I was named after her. In all my years I can count on one hand how many Ramona's I have met, but the one thing I can say in defense of my name is that it suits me. A strong independent woman who sports a diamond in her tooth for 40 years, an original just like my name. PS My aunt's married name was Ramona Salvona.
ramonacodona  12/14/2017
The name Ramona was given to 285 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Ramona are female.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
I used to love the book series and movie Ramona & Beezus, but I've always hated the names Ramona, Rona, & Mona... Ramona sounds like a combination of macaroni & moaning.
Katesnames15  4/21/2017
It sounds like a feminine version of Roman. My name is Roman and I like it.
RomanCS02  2/12/2017
It is an absolutely hideous name!
Ramona16  11/11/2016
I actually love my name, mostly because in the States it isn't very common and I really like that. Besides that, I feel that it is feminine and pretty. My name was supposed to be Roseanna, but my grandmother gave birth to a baby girl 4 months before I was born and she took the name, so I ended up with the name that was supposed to be my aunt's. We love this story!
ramona_lee  8/28/2016
"On the eastside, that's where I met my Ramona/"I wanna go to a party," that's what she said/Lonely, that's what I been" the famous song, "Waiting for my Ruca" by Sublime.

I personally think Ramona is a great name, and I love that song.
RNLondon  7/20/2016
The name Ramona was given to 242 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
I used to dislike the name Ramona, but now I love it! It sounds classy, sophisticated, and very pretty, and is cute for people of all ages. My favorite nickname for Ramona is Mona, although Nora, Nona, Roni, and Rae are other good nicknames.
1836732  6/13/2016
I also love my name. I go by the nicknames Mona, Moni, Mo and Momo.
ramonadavis73067  12/7/2015
I'm surprised. Is this name popular only in Hungary? I thought it was more international. Actually I love the sound of it. At least there won't be many namesakes for Ramona's.
heidbz  5/20/2015
As to the comment about the sound in the middle, I always hear and think of it as broken into the syllables like this "Ra-mo-na" and even when called "Mona" or "Monie" I alwys think of it as being broken between the O and the N so it's never a "moan" sound to me! :-)
RamonaCherrie  11/8/2014
I love my name! I can't imagine why anyone would think it is ugly. One doesn't have to like it, but I actually can't think of a name I would like more. My dad heard the song (probably sung by Delores del Rio) on the radio in 1949 just a short time before I was born and said "That's the name I want if the baby is a girl." Back then it was always a surprise and both a girl's name and a boy's name were being chosen. Previous to hearing the song, he had been thinking of the name Maxine. No offense to any Maxines, but I am thankful for the song being played that particular moment when he was listening! Maybe if I'd been named Maxine I would like that name just as much as I like my own name today!
RamonaCherrie  11/5/2014
It's great to hear about a Ramona who loves her name. It's what we're naming our soon-to-be-born daughter. I just love the name so much. We affectionately call her Momo sometimes.
the detective  11/24/2014
Ramona Random is a character in the awesome sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Jennifer Morgue" by Charles Stross. She is a secret agent/superhero who eliminates bad guys in a most creative way. She is described as being very beautiful, and is also very smart and funny. She is one of my favorite characters in his books.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2013
I love the name Ramona. Reminds me of Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, an independent, funny, smart young woman. It's a pretty name, unusual and yet not so trendy. The "moan" thing doesn't bother me. To be honest, kids can find a way to make fun of any name. I love this name so much I gave it to the protagonist of a script I'm writing. And it fits her very well.
― Anonymous User  11/24/2013
I like the nicknames Mona and Moni.
shadow1999  10/4/2013
The name Ramona was given to 197 baby girls born in the US in 2012 (:
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Wow, seems like a lot of people don't like this name. I personally think its adorable and sweet, and I predict it making a comeback in the next few years.
Oohvintage  6/15/2013
Ramona is an adorable name! We all got it from the Ramona books. If you wanted to, you could name a child Ramona and nickname her " Mona" after the Mona Lisa! Ramona sounds like a name that belongs to a kind girl too!
Melys11  1/1/2013
Ramona Marquez is a British child actress. She plays Karen in the series Outnumbered.
AnastasiaE  8/1/2012
Ramona Victoria Flowers, one of the protagonists in the Scott Pilgrim series. Portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the movie.

Avril Lavigne's full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne.
DaphneSusan  12/12/2010
I associate Ramona first and foremost with the Helen Hunt Jackson novel of the same name rather than Ramona Quimby of the children's books. I really like the name, I feel it is strong yet undoubtedly feminine.
vomiting  9/8/2010
I originally hated this name when I read "Ramona And Beezus" but as I grew older, the name grew on me.
I've never met a Ramona; and I love the sound of it. It also kind of reminds me of Ramona Flowers (of Scott Pilgrim.) Spunky and smart. It's a lovely name, in my opinion.
DaphneSusan  8/27/2010
I hate the 'moan' sound in Ramona. So unattractive.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2010
What a gorgeous name!
AmericaSpainGermany  7/16/2010
What a nice name!
emily  4/5/2010
May also be spelt Romona. I believe this is the Italian or German spelling. Pronounced (Ro-mo-na).
Rom  1/8/2009
A German or Italian spelling of Ramona doesn't exist. There's just Ramona.
Rioghnach  5/2/2009
"To Ramona" is a song by Bob Dylan from his 1964 album "Another Side of Bob Dylan".
― Anonymous User  11/22/2008
Tre Cool , the drummer for the punk band Green Day, named his daughter this.
taylor123  8/8/2008
It makes me think of an annoying, loud-mouthed woman with dark eyes, dark, curly hair, and trashy clothes. It also sounds like the name some hardcore Ramones fans would give their daughter.
slight night shiver  5/3/2008
Actors Peter Sarsgaard & Maggie Gyllenhaal have a daughter Ramona Sarsgaard, born 3th October, 2006 in New York City.
Maggie_Simpson  11/28/2007
It's such a horrible name that I can't even find a word to describe how horrible it is.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2007
I think Ramona is an incredibly beautiful name! I have a friend who has a friend that is called Ramona. Ramona is very elegant and unusual. I highly recommend it!
harry_sent_me  10/18/2007
It is curious how the same name has different perceptions in different cultures. I'm from Spain and here Ramona is mostly regarded as a lame, ugly name. If you think of a Ramona, you can but picture an old peasant woman living in some lost village. It is dated now and nobody calls their daughter Ramona anymore - thank God!
― Anonymous User  9/21/2007
It's definitely very used in Romania. [noted -ed]
andychiry  5/25/2007
The name Ramona means "Protector". I think the name is so cute!
elysa  5/13/2007
Loved this name since my childhood. Ramona Quimby was my favorite series of books. It is a strong sounding girl name and I think it is cute.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2007
Maggie Gyllenhaal has just named her daughter Ramona.
kiwifruit  10/8/2006
Ramona Ramirez is the Spanish au pair/nanny in the British TV-series "Cold Feet".
Ylva  9/18/2006
The male form "Ramon" is very rare in Romania, but Ramona is amongst the most common names of Romanian women.
anishtephan  6/30/2006
"Ramona" is a name also used in Italy.
iva_toneva  5/7/2006
Avril Ramona Lavigne is the full name of famous singer Avril Lavigne.
Charlie1977  2/5/2006
There is a book series for little girls by Beverly Cleary with a heroine named Ramona. I used to adore those books when I was a little girl, so I am endeared to this name and find it very cute, even though most people I know find it ugly.
VeryGorgeous  10/30/2005

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