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When considering using this name, it should be noted that "rana" means "frog" in many languages such as Spanish and Latin.
-- likeastar  10/28/2005
In Bulgarian "rana" (the stress is on the 1st "a") is a noun, which means "wound", "sore" (the root is "ran"). "Rana" is not used as a name in Bulgaria.
-- iva_toneva  5/12/2006
Hi, real meaning of the name "Rana" is:
1- a thing that an eye looks or stares at it for its beauty.
2- the queen of a generations of kings.
-- aligator  9/13/2006
Rana is a girl name in Iran meaning mainly 'elegant' as well as 'of elegant stature'.
Although originally this name comes from Arabic meaning selfcentered and selfish, in Persian the use of the name has been twisted to mention a tall, elegant and stylish girl.
This name has a common poetry usage as well.
-- citronvert  12/18/2006
One book on Norse mythology I have states Rana, alternate spelling Rania, was a goddess of the storm.
-- Lien-Hua  9/21/2007
This is a stupid name, considering it means "frog" in Spanish. It's not going to work outside of an Arab community.
-- bananarama  7/14/2008
Horrible. The name doesn't look good in Arabic and the meaning in Russian (Рана) is 'wound'. It has the same meaning in Belarusian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak (along with many other meanings, none particularly positive) and Polish. The Slovenian for 'wound' is 'rane', Romanian is 'rană' and Czech is 'rána'. It also means 'frog' in Catalan, Spanish and Italian.

My sister's husband was thinking about naming their daughter this, but the response from the people we asked (mainly eastern European and Arab, with some western European and British) was massively negative. I am half Arab, half eastern European myself and hate the name. Some extreme forward thinking Arab expat women also find issue with the 'object' meaning. Personally this is one of my least favourite Arabic names ever.
-- Anonymous User  11/13/2009
Even the original meaning is degrading.
-- bathos  8/30/2010
It is not degrading! Using this name is fine if you're Muslim. I feel you are just perpetuating the "all Muslims are misogynist" stereotype. Different cultures have different concepts with name meanings. For example, some African names include meanings and concepts not found in any Western names. And to some people, meanings aren't why they pick their kids' names. Otherwise, every woman named Amanda would be lovable, every man named Basil would be a king, everyone named Ursula would be a little bear, and everyone named Gabriel would be a strong man of God. I think this is the wrong place for Westerners to force their standards and judgement on other cultures.
-- bananarama  3/11/2012
I do know a stunning, beautiful and kind girl named Rhana, who is absolutely gorgeous, so my experience with this name usage is on the positive side. The meaning depicting beautiful and elegant would be what I would concentrate on. To be perfectly honest, I doubt that people will look deeply into the many name meanings if introduced to a girl named Rhana, though I respect the consideration put in by others who want a flawless translation (: I also think the added h is a delicate touch for a delicate name. Though I do live in Australia, so the culture in naming may differ.
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2015
My name is Rana. In Arabic it means catchy, beautiful eyes as verb yrno means having a long look or staring at something... it's a lovely name. I do like it.
-- rana moustafa  3/19/2016

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