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It is very beautiful. It sounds very strong but gracious at the same time (at least the way I imagine it is pronounced). Unfortunately in my language (Serbian) it's a feminine adjective of "rat" meaning > war < so it doesn't bring nice images to mind at first.

PS How do you pronounce the name natively?
― Anonymous User  11/11/2009
It's a very common Indonesian name. It means 'flower'.
humblehapp  5/14/2011
The first A is short and unstressed, which is difficult for English speakers to do right. It is NOT pronounced like the word 'rat', but more like the first part of 'Rutgers'. It's also not quite just 'rut', it ends in a slight 'th' - so 'ruth' but with a short 'u'.
Mautam  12/20/2013

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