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My boyfriend's Grandma had an Auntie Reenie, but we're not sure whether in that case it was a diminutive form of Irene or Maureen, or just Reenie as an actual name, not a nickname. But whatever the case may be, this is quite a nice name, and I much prefer the pronunciation Reenee to Renay.
walesgal92  11/15/2009
My name is Serena, but my family calls me Rena. My niece started to call me Reenie instead. I think it's cute.
Guinnevere  6/20/2012
I knew an older woman at my church who went by this as a nickname for Irene. I've never seen it on any other Irenes, though.
kvpp88  6/21/2014
Lovely-sounding name, I use it as a nickname for Irina.
Reenie_12  8/1/2014

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