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Awesome! But it's something I'd use for a middle name, maybe, or as a name for a pet.
princessleia28  8/9/2007
Ugh, who would name their kid foot? Honestly when someone asks him, What does your name mean, he's going to say foot.
Mia_Rights  7/17/2008
I think it's a pretty name, but better as a middle name. I don't think there'd be much problem of explaining what the name meant; they could easily say, "I was named after one of the brightest stars in the sky" and it would be the truth.
Iridosmine  2/18/2009
My cat's name is Rigel. I didn't name him, but I like it. It means foot which fits since he LOVES feet. He sleeps at my feet, and doesn't really like being petted for very long unless you use your foot. Really, he'll bite your fingers but cuddle your toes.
Songofecho  6/28/2014

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