Riku Onda, born as Nanae Kumagai, is a Japanese novelist.
cutenose  7/21/2017
Riku was given to 17 boys in America in 2016.
cutenose  5/23/2017
Riku was used as a girl's name back in the olden days. Based on some research that I've done (gathering names from passenger lists and US census data), Riku was a pretty uncommon name to have in the late Edo period and the Meiji & Taishō periods.

2 syllable names were preferred at the time, more so before the Meiji period, which is why Riku was seen as a girl's name. Towards the 2nd half of the Meiji period and the Taishō period, those types of names were quickly shunted out in popularity by names ending in *ko.
m4yb3_daijirou  6/28/2015
I love the Japanese name Riku. It's a good, solid, strong name. I first heard this name from the game Kingdom Hearts, like many others.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2015
A little boy that I know has the kanjis 莉翔 (jasmine, to fly/soar), which is very odd because 莉 is normally used for girls, since it has a flower meaning. And the pronunciation for 翔 is not normally 'ku.' Japan is in the generation where they want to give their children wonderful (or sometimes puzzling) meanings for names, but unreadable unless specified.
princesssara  10/23/2014
This strikes me as one of those generic otaku names that Japanese media seems to overuse and weeaboos overuse for their OCs even more. Like Sora, it's probably due to Kingdom Hearts. It also reminds me of those crappy Sora/Riku fanfics that demonize Kairi. Plus, I didn't like Riku that much when I played Kingdom Hearts.
Buneary  8/31/2014
I love the name Riku. It's unique and foreign and it comes from one of my favorite video games. It makes me think of rock or stone without sounding to macho.
Milena Scialfa  12/31/2009
The Riku from D・N・ANGEL is written 梨紅 (梨 Japanese pear, 紅 crimson).
Varjotar  12/29/2009
Rikku is the name of one of the characters in Final Fantasy 10 and one of the three female leads in the sequel to Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2. She's my favorite Final Fantasy Character. Ever. It's also pronounced like Riku from Kingdom Hearts.
krazykels  1/21/2008
This website says this name is masculine, but I know of at least one instance where the name was used for a female.

Harada Riku (Riku Harada in Western order) is a character in the manga/anime D. N. Angel. She is the eldest Harada child--Risa, her younger identical twin sister, is Daisuke's first love interest. He later becomes invovled with Riku herself.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2007
Riku was the name of a character on the video game "Kingdom Hearts". Originally, Riku was the true Keyblade wielder, but when he fell sway to Darkness the Keyblade was given to Riku's best friend, Sora.
Arowen Half-Elven  1/18/2006

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