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Rin was a little girl that stood by Inuyasha's evil brother Sesshomaru, although she is a kind and warm-hearted little girl in the manga/anime series 'Inuyasha'.
-- danluver46  7/11/2005
Rin is the nickname of a character in the manga, "Fruits Basket." Rin's real name is Isuzu, which means "bell." She's nicknamed Rin because of the sound a bell makes (ring ring, get it?).
-- gorgen_kally  2/18/2006
Rin Kokonoe is the main character in the lolicon anime/manga series "Kodomo No Jikan".
-- Dianaisme12  10/25/2009
Orin/Rin Kaenbyou of the Touhou Project bears this name.
-- Dianaisme12  8/29/2010
Rinna "Rin" is a main character in Shannon Hale's book "Forest Born".
-- guardgirl15  6/20/2011
Kagamine Rin is a Japanese Vocaloid, she's the twin sister of Len (both of them are number 02).
-- blondieboo629  12/10/2011
Kusakabe Rin from Accel World and Tousaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night.
-- bedamijo  8/18/2013
Rin is the name of a well known anime character, from the anime 'Blue Exorcist', and he is actually male even though this says the name is feminine.
-- kaschill7  6/12/2015
Two bearers I just thought of. Rin Suzune from senran kagura and Rin Tosaka from fate/stay night.
-- miyamosuiren  6/10/2016
In the names Rin and Len (from Vocaloid), the names are a pun on right and left and were probably somewhat derived from English.
-- Lenostrich  11/6/2016
Rin Kono is a Japanese professional Go player.

Rin Kono grew up as one of Koichi Kobayashi's students. He became a professional when he was 15 in 1996. He was promoted to 8 dan after beating Keigo Yamashita to win the Tengen in 2005. He was promoted to 9 dan after defending his Tengen title, once more against Yamashita.
-- lilolaf  1/24/2017

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