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This name seems too popular to not have any comments! And it's so close to the popular Rowan, too.

This name is growing on me. Like moss.
Book_Reader22  4/16/2012
Anyone know how this name should be pronounced? I think I might like it if I knew.
TheArtemisMoon  5/27/2015
I have a friend with this name, and it is a variant of Rón, which means "seal". He pronounces it "RON" using the BtN pronunciation guide (rhymes with "cone")
Jghazt333  3/24/2016
Roan is also a color of animals, meaning two fur colors evenly mixed, one of the colors usually being white. The term is especially used for horses.
earthnut  5/1/2016
Roan Carneiro is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A professional competitor since 2000, Carneiro was the winner of the Battlegrounds MMA's one-night, eight-man tournament, in which he won three fights to become the champion.
lilolaf  1/29/2017

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