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This was also commonly used in Scotland, following the Scottish trend of adding -ina to feminize male names, e. G. Jamesina, Dolina, Lachina. If you search the IGI, the vast majority of Robina's are Scottish, not English. [noted -ed]
reniannen17  3/21/2008
My name is Robina. And I am pretty happy with it cuase it makes me feel sort of powerful. I would love if someone could actually explain me about its origin. Well a classmate of mine once told me about a lady-warrior named Robina. IS it true?
robina  8/30/2008
Because of this name, Robin is more masculine sounding to me.
Oleg Karachi  1/14/2016
Much better then Robyn.
Eileen1209864  6/29/2016

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