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This is a salt used as a mild purgative, also called Seignete's salt.
wiswina  9/3/2005
I always thought Rochelle was the French form of Rachel, but they have different meanings so they can't be related. Rochelle is a beautiful name, pronounced Roshelle. It sounds a lot nicer than Rachel. Who would ever call their daughter that anyway?
― Anonymous User  11/25/2005
I saw that usage was highest from around 1945 to the early 1960's. I was born in 1945, and my middle name Rochelle, was for the actress Rochelle Hudson. I have never been able to find a photo of her. My dad said she had dark brown hair and eyes like I do.
sammyb555  5/21/2006
That was the name of Bette Midler's play on a episode of Seinfeld.
Tudor  6/14/2006
Actually the name of the play was Rochelle, Rochelle. It was based on a movie of the same name.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2008
This is my middle name and I think I am blessed to have it. Cassandra Rochelle. Gorgeous.
booka  7/26/2006
My name is a variation of this spelling. It's pronounced Ri-shell, and I spell it Rechell. It has the same meaning as Rochelle, and the name is Gaelic in origin.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2006
I hate to burst Rechell's bubble, but no way is your name Gaelic for either Rachel - which is RÁICHÉAL - or Rochelle, or either of their meanings. Sorry.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
Rochelle is not used as a name in France, it's only the name of a city : La Rochelle. [noted -ed]
lillinparadise  11/25/2006
I think Rochelle is prettier than both Michelle and Rachel.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
I love this name, but my husband thinks of "roach" whenever he sees it. Drat.
RedGyl  6/12/2007
I love the name Rochelle. I have ever since I saw "LaRochelle" on a headstone at a cemetery.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2007
It's quite cute, but not very sophisticated. I'm afraid pretty much any French names will end up sounding a tad tacky in American and even British usage. It's not all that glamorous anyway.
slight night shiver  5/4/2008
Well I have to disagree with you "Slight night shiver". My first name is Rochelle and throughout my life, I've been constantly stopped and told that it is a lovely name and never have I been told that it is "tacky". I grew up in Australia and now live in France (coincidence), even the French admire it.

It's quite a common name in Australia from the 1980's and the only problem I've had is that some people call me Rachel or Michelle when they meet me the first time and people often spell it wrong (leaving off the 'le' at the end).
pink2907  11/15/2008
TACKY! It means rock!
Chrila96  11/21/2010
Unfortunately, unless you are French and have a surname to match... It truly does look horrendously tacky. In the United States it may even be seen as "ghetto," "kre8tiv," or "made-up." As already said: it follows with the incredibly cheap French obsession in America (mainly in certain communities) whom have no connection to the country.

I must disagree with a previous commenter that "Rochelle" is more favorable than "Michelle" or "Rachel."
Francesca  4/30/2011
My name is Rachel and for some reason my friend calls me Rochelle all the time. It doesn't really do anything for me. I feel like a child named this would have their name mixed up with Rachel all the time. I probably would never name my daughter this, aside from the fact that it's too close to mine.
ThisISme  9/29/2011
My first name is Rochelle and my father named me after the place where he was born in NY, called New Rochelle. I beg to differ when people say that it's "not pretty" since I work in an extremely busy office where I am constantly being asked to repeat my name and spell it out for someone after they say "What a beautiful name it is". I am the only Rochelle I know (though I have met 2 before) and LOVE the uniqueness of it. I was never teased or made fun of and honestly most people pronounce it right. Most times I get called Rachelle (Ray-Shell and its pronounced ROE-SHELL). Never does it sound "tacky" or it is "too Kr8tive" or however ignorantly it was spelled previously. My maiden name and married name are both Italian and it never came off the tongue weird. If you are worried about nicknames, as a child I was called, Roe, Shelle, and Shelly. Never Roach or Roch. My middle name is very plain and even the two together sound great, Rochelle Ann. Don't take my word for it, roll the name off the tongue, you'll thank me later :)
RochelleGioggia  10/18/2011
Rochelle Humes (née Wiseman), a member of English-Irish girl group The Saturdays.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2014
I've always found the name Rochelle a really pretty, stylish name for a girl. I rate it 10/10. :)
― Anonymous User  2/28/2015
Rochelle is a lovely name, and my favorite character in the film The Craft. :)
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  5/4/2015
Ok, I am a 35 yr old Rochelle. I have gone by Shelly most of my adult life. I am indifferent to my name. I was teased a lot as a kid: (Roach Hotel, Roach from Hell, Roach) Besides teasing, it was said incorrectly, often. "Rachel?" "Michelle?" "Raquel?" It's crazy how many people get it wrong. While I don't HATE my name, I would not recommend it to anyone.
muddishooz  6/24/2015
I love my name and my French boyfriend does too. My dad calls me Roch all the time and I don't mind. Most people call me Rochelle or Ro 'cause, well Chelle makes them think of Michelle. It is beautiful and tacky and you should want your daughter to be your little rock because it evokes strength. I'm happy with my name even if I have to correct some people on the phone lol.
rochyro4  8/17/2015
My middle name is Rochelle, and for years I wished it was my first name, which is Phoebe. I still love it, I've always thought it added a bit of French sophistication to a Greek-based first name and a Germanic last name. It's fresh and different without getting too crazy.
Rhomy  1/25/2016
The name Rochelle was given to 58 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
Rochelle is my name. When I was younger, I was not a big fan because no one ever remembered it or remembered me as Michelle, so I started using a nickname... Ro.. By my second year in University, my professors always commented on how lovely and unique my name was and they always remembered me. I became more amiable to "Rochelle" and now I am happy to use my full name of Rochelle Ivette. My husband is French and his name is Michel. This proves to be very entertainingly unique when we introduce ourselves as Michel and Rochelle! Seek the joy in your own name!
Rochelle Evette  12/10/2017
I live in Southern California and have visited La Rochelle, France where my Grandfather lived. This is a lovely place. I have known of one person with this beautiful name. I only have good associations with this lovely name.
Graceful1  2/12/2018

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