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This is my name. I'm a girl, and I like it. Definitely never met anyone else with this name before. It doesn't seem masculine to me at all.
rwolfoliver  10/22/2017
It's actually pronounced 'ro-MEN' with a soft r sound. We had a French exchange student named Romane who stayed with us for two weeks, and then I went and stayed with her. This is how she and her family pronounced her name.
blueskidoo  8/21/2008
The exchange student the commenter below refers to must have let them mispronounce her name because she was tired of correcting people.

This name is pronounced (Ro-mah-n) in French, similar to ROME ON. The "Ahn" sounds somewhat similar to, but not not exactly like, the English pronunciation of "On." It is definitely not Ro-men. That would be spelled Romène. It is not pronounced Ro-main, Ro-min, Ramen, Ro-man, Ro-muhn, Romany, Ro-moh-ny, or Romanuh. It's not the French "in" sound as in "mince." It is Roam On, as in "Keep Roaming On." The French R is not the same as the English R, and the "ane" is not pronounced exactly like "on," but it is similar.

I don't suggest using this name unless you live in a French speaking country. Otherwise, you will get really tired of correcting people really fast.

Listen to the correct pronunciation here, or type the name into google translate and listen to the French pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2019
It's pronounced ro-mahn.
lillinparadise  4/3/2007
It's pronounced 'ro-MAIN, but I pronounce it ro-MON-ee. It's just me, I guess.
Tbird  6/29/2005

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